Questions and Answers

Yesterday’s Catch began with a quote from the writings of Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, and one sentence in particular deserves a closer look: “Every question possessed a power that did not lie in the answer.”

How is it that the question has a greater power than the answer? Why does the power not lie in the answer? Because then the search would be over. End of story. No challenge, no debate, no discussion, no speculation, no wondering, no mystery. Just answers.

Answers lead to arrogance, to being right, to lording it over those who don’t. Answers lead to control, to proving others wrong, and those with all the answers would hold all the cookies.

But there is a greater power in the question. The question leads to the power of faith, the power of a child, the power of weakness. Questions bring us together in humility. Questions make us need each other. They lead us on quests, and they lead us to accept the help of others who are seeking the same thing.

Questions force our minds open; answers close them.

Now there are some answers (usually the right ones) that bring with them a whole new set of questions such as Jesus. Jesus is the answer, but we’ll never get to the bottom of that question.

And that’s good!

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3 Responses to Questions and Answers

  1. Kellie says:

    It is kind of interesting when you think about it. If you are younger, and raised in a church, and have always been a “believer”, you think of things as all wrapped up in a little package… Jesus was the Son of God. He died on a cross, was raised. You either believe it or you don’t. Period.

    Then you grow up, you are confronted with life, confronted with questions from friends, family, strangers, and somehow thru that you realized that in between your original belief and your life now, God has a great expanse and depth of information to ponder and strengthen faith.

    I think we know we won’t understand everything, but part of what makes being human a whole lot more interesting is trying to understand!!! I’m getting better about dealing with questions because I ask more questions now, myself, instead of thinking that the first thought that comes in my head (or that someone taught me) might be all the depth there is to something.

  2. One of my favorite prayers consists of asking God to accept my various questions as gifts. Thanks to this Catch, now I know why they feel like gifts to me — gifts to the Lord, and from the Lord as well.

  3. Camille says:

    “Answers lead to arrogance, to being right, to lording it over those who don’t. Answers lead to control, to proving others wrong, and those with all the answers would hold all the cookies.”

    I find it heartbreaking that religious leaders who THINK they have the answers and hold all the cookies, with their arrogance and judgment, will push other people away from searching for God. As you have shared before, some “Christians” give Christ a bad name. They make me cringe and sometimes make me hesitate to identify myself that way. Sad, that.

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