The Christian that drove me away

The following is a comment from a recent Catch on the Old and New Covenants. I appreciate especially the pastor who walked and talked the gospel and led this person to Christ through a friendship. I also like “if God can love and accept someone like me; there is no one out there He can’t love!” I think we should all feel that way. And then I couldn’t resist “starting to become the Christian that drove me away.”

Thank you John for sharing this catch! I too grew up in the church; but I ran because of Christians who acted this way. I affectionately called them ‘hippy critts.’ They talked about God’s grace, but then turned it all back to people. I steadfastly refused to go near the church (and I tried to avoid Christians too) until I was 31 yrs old! In January 1996, I met a pastor (reluctantly) who became a good friend and showed me Jesus. He lived the grace that Jesus bought us with His blood. On June 16,1996 I surrendered my life to Jesus and nothing has been the same since!

Your catch today hit me because I realized as I was reading: I was starting to become the Christian that drove me away. Yes I still believe in grace; but my actions and words sure don’t show it!

Thank you again! God has used this catch to help me refocus and to remind me where I come from and how I got here! I can tell you: if God can love and accept someone like me, there is no one out there He can’t love! Thanks to Him, I can love and accept anyone just where they are just as they are!

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4 Responses to The Christian that drove me away

  1. Thank you for the reminder, that God loves EVEN ME.

  2. Ann says:

    I wonder how many people can relate to that story? I know I certainly can. I’m stil running. I believe and strongly believe in prayer, but to this day I will not go to church. I feel lost and lonely but that is my fault for not seeking help from Jesus, the only place I can truly receive the help I need. I continue to read The Catch and gain new insight and perspective, so thank you & God Bless you and Marti.

  3. Tim says:

    I love stories like that.
    The other day in Burger King a pastor of a small church came over to me and asked if he could talk to me. I thought this isn’t going to be good; with apprehension I said sure. He asked me if I remembered talking to him when he was a teen while working on his parents’ house. He said I walked in while he was listening to Black Sabbath. Apparently we started talking about music. He informed me I was the first Christian that didn’t reject him because of his music and it was the beginning of his journey to the Lord. He felt accepted. Now I really didn’t remember much about the conversation but you never know what will happen when you accept others.

  4. God has such a sense of humor in straightening out those of us who are in danger of becoming an “old Covenant” Christian after experiencing Grace! For all my talk about Grace, I had a serious issue with a particular “alternative lifestyle”. So what does God do? Has me fall in love with a woman who lives in Vancouver’s West End — the hotbed of that very lifestyle — and thereafter marry and move into her place! It’s still a process, but He has shown me how to love people even though I can’t condone their behaviour, the difference between “love” and “tolerance”; through it, I developed a sort-of motto: “A non-believer is just a Saint who hasn’t met Jesus yet”. And how can he meet Jesus if His “ambassador” talks love-n-grace out of one side of his mouth and condemnation (in the form of saying things like “you have a long way to go”) out of the other?

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