Available to God

Ability – the capacity to do something or perform successfully

Availability – the state of being present and ready for use

God doesn’t want your ability as much as he wants your availability. He doesn’t want you working for Him as much as He wants you in a place and attitude where He can work through you.

Ability is an Old Covenant word where everything depends on you. Availability is a New Covenant word where everything depends on God.

We shine in our abilities; God shines in our availability.

Our ability makes us strong; our availability makes us vulnerable.

People are impressed with our abilities; God is impressed with our availability.

Practice improves our ability; faith improves our availability.

Our ability makes us popular; our availability makes God popular.

Not everyone is able; but anyone can be available.

Our ability draws on our natural talents; our availability draws on our spiritual gifts.

Ability can put us in the way; availability keeps us out of the way.

Our ability is fine; our availability is better.

God teams up with our ability; He gets inside our availability.

These are all reasons why God doesn’t want our ability as much as he wants our availability. This is a reminder. I thought of more since the last time we did this. I’m sure you can too!

Join our study tonight for more on what it means to be available to God.

Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God. (2 Corinthians 3:5)

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6 Responses to Available to God

  1. Would love to join the study (if I can stay awake). I’ve requested a guide in past but never got one. Any chance I could get a study guide?

    And isn’t it amazing that Availablity can be the hardest thing to provide… even with family and friends. Yet with God, what He can do with just a few minutes of our availability far surpasses anything we do on our own. Even knowing this, I still make myself unavailable… ugh…

  2. Frank U says:

    Impress God/BE AVAILABLE!

  3. CLAYTON says:

    Well said, John Boy!

  4. Peter Leenheer says:

    It is not about you/me! We are involved in something much greater than ourselves. It is about God! This keeps me in the available mode you talk about John. Thank you for the reminder I was going in the unavailble direction.

  5. Carole Oglesbee says:

    Hi John!

    What a relief to know God values the mere fact that we ARE over what we can DO!

    As we get older, we get less able. Knees get stiff, we don’t get around as easily as we once did, and maybe we can’t quite see as well. Our reaction times are slower; we forget things more often. Sometimes this leads us to think “What on earth am I GOOD for anymore? Why am I still here?” This is something I heard often from my mom in the last year of her life… I told her (and believe it!) that God had her here for ME – to teach me things I somehow missed the first time around, to retell me stories of her and my dad’s youth (and my own) that helped me see how I became who I am, why I tend to think about things the way I do; because I needed her wisdom & love as much as she needed me to physically do things for her she could no longer do for herself. The neat thing about available over able is that we can be available simply by virtue of the fact that we are still breathing. Like they say, “No matter where you go, there you are.” Guess what? God’s there, too.

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