Single seed Christianity 2

“Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” (John 12:24)

At least in spiritual terms, death is a requirement for life. I know you were under the impression that life preceded death, but that’s only partially true. It is true of the physical realm, but it’s spiritually backwards. You don’t live and then you die; you die and then you live.

The problem with us – the reason we aren’t seeing many seeds being born out of our lives – is because we are fighting this. We don’t want to die. We’d rather go to seed conventions, growth seminars for seeds, seed enhancers who polish our outer shell and make us look spiffy – anything but going into the ground and dying. Who wants to be placed in a damp, dark hole and get covered up by dirt and forgotten? Who wants to go into the ground and die? Isn’t it amazing that we fight the one thing that is a requirement for life?

The women of Isaiah House I spoke to last night have a better chance of understanding this and seeing life being born in them and in those around them than do the others of us who appear, at least on the surface, to have life working for us. They have life experiences that are forcing them into the ground right now. They can fight that, or they can submit to it, trust in the process of growth God builds into seeds that die, and watch them grow into something that will soon push them up out of the ground as a seedling and then a stalk of grain, full of other seeds that spring up around them into a virtual field of wheat. It’s a miraculous transformation, nothing that any of us can control.

But we can decide whether we will submit to this death or fight it. Come on, there’s probably a hole somewhere near you right now that you can roll yourself into. Get there, and trust in God to work a miracle in your life – for every time a seed springs up out of the ground, even though it is a natural process and happens every time, it is still a minor miracle, and it is something that happens to the seed, not something it controls. It’s the natural process of death to life.

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