More giving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! And, I have done the “feed the expired meter” one.  – Kathleen

I’ll add Happy Thanksgiving (Weekend) to that since the Day is behind us now but most have special plans for the weekend. We are having most of our family together today, actually, (along with our elderly neighbor) since both our older children were working yesterday.

thWe made two turkeys anyway, yesterday, and I shared one of them with the traditional feed the homeless meal at a local church. On one of my numerous trips to the market for forgotten items needed only once a year, I met a man in the parking lot with a spray bottle of windex and some paper towels in his hand, offering to wash car windows for a few bucks. I admired the ingenuity and gave him a five dollar bill to do mine. I got something in return for that giving, but it felt good anyway.

Here are some more giving stories. Don’t forget: Every day is giving day.

I’ve been preparing food most of the day for tomorrow. When I took a big loaf of pumpkin bread out of the oven, I cut it in half and took half to our 90-year-old neighbor who just got out of the hospital. They have a lady from the Philippines living with them and as we chatted she expressed gratitude for her family and friends’ safety back home in the Philippines. It seems that a simple half loaf of warm pumpkin bread had the power to make a family very thankful.  – Priscilla

When new people move into our neighborhood, I go to their home and tell them the following. “Welcome to the neighborhood. I am sure you have your own network of relatives and friends but if at any time day or night you have a problem and don’t know where to turn, feel free to knock on our door. Even if it is three in the morning.” No one has ever taken me up on this offer, but it sure sets a mood of friendliness among all who live nearby.  –  Peter

I always say thank you to the folks in my supermarket….the cashiers, the deli ladies, the frozen food guy…even the manager. They always hear the complaints. I want them to hear the compliments, too.  – Lois

Our mail delivery man, Brad, faithfully delivered our mail for 15 years. My wife would talk to him from time to time. She found out that Brad and his wife had a son whose friend lived a few houses down. The friend was not happy in his dysfunctional household and was over at Brad’s place all the time. The boy finally asked if they would take him in because his parents were not interested in him. Brad and his family agreed and were able to adopt him. However this created extra expenses, so my wife gave Brad an envelope with a check in it. Brad and his wife came over, there were hugs all around and a lot of love in the room. They were extremely happy that somebody besides them cared.  – Peter

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