Giving back Christmas

th-2It is the season of giving and each and every one of us has so much to give. We are, all of us, in a position to lavish gifts on those around us.

Fine for you, you might say, but not for me. That’s because you look around you and see everything that is familiar – everything you can account for, and there doesn’t appear to be enough to give. Heck, there’s not even enough for you, much less anyone else.

Well, of course there’s not, because you are in a very small box and you had to lose track of everything beyond yourself to get in there. And now you’ve been there so long that you like it. Your options are limited and you like that too. There is little to be expected of you because, well, you don’t have very much in the first place. You’ve made peace with that small place you are in where everything is accounted for and there are plenty of excuses.

The problem is, everything had to shrink to get into that small place you are in, including your heart. You, Mr Grinch and Ebenezer have a lot in common. Your hearts are all two sizes too small.

As little editions of ourselves, we cannot possibly be expected to initiate action. Everything is simply too big. Fear reminds us that we have always been told we had to do the right thing and to do it perfectly. Now, of course, we cannot do anything right. The very idea of doing the right thing perfectly is just simply impossible. This is because everything we need to do the right thing we conveniently left outside of the little box.

So, what do we do?

Well… I would say there is truly only one answer, and that is to believe in the impossible, and by believing and acting on what you believe, you will make the impossible possible. You will find out who you are is much bigger than you thought.

We can begin with Grace and how it defies reason and logic. Then let’s have a look at love and the fact that in loving, God interrupts the consequences of our smallness and enlarges our hearts. And here especially during this season, we can salute our God who would choose to reduce His unfathomable power to a child born in straw poverty, waiting to bust out of that little stable and change the world forever making everything new.

None of this has anything to do with us and everything to do what is not us, and that is knowing the full significance of Christ’s work on the cross, which is for everyone, and knowing the glory of Christ that can only be seen in contrast to our own despicable sin nature, stuck as we are in our smallness.

Our next steps will include stepping out of the little box and dancing on the back of fear. Do it now, and bring back into focus who you are, what you are capable of doing, what you really want, what you have always wanted and what you have always had – all that  good stuff is in Christ, of course. Waiting for you to risk breaking out.

All of us have heard that we must die to one life before we can enter another. Well, here is our opportunity to say good-by to the small part that we are leaving behind as we take on our rightful place with Christ – accepting drawbacks and discomforts while encouraging those that stand with us to do the same; and be ready. Be ready for the Holy Spirit as He accomplishes the work of Christ in you, through you, and yes, even me.

Accept change. It is going to happen anyway with or without us. Let’s wildly wave our hands until noticed and then run to introduce ourselves to the next person we meet like Scrooge on Christmas morning.

And… keep your eyes open wide. Feel the wind of the storm. Step into the freedom of the authority found in the Word through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You will know you are back when you give, and you reach for more, and it is there. Welcome back to a place where you and I do not have to take anymore.

If you look to the left and then to the right and see nothing familiar, it can only be because everything has changed!

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One Response to Giving back Christmas

  1. TimC says:

    Good Catch! I’m thinking I’ll need to re-read this one every day for a while.

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