Let us pay them a visit

th-8It had to be God. An angel wouldn’t do. Neither would a prophet, or perhaps an exceptionally great man. Only God Himself could turn the course of where this world was headed. He could have just blown it up and started over, but instead, He decided to get involved, and redirect it from the inside.

If you could create a world and you had the power to create living beings in your image, would you go and be one of them? Would you even think of it? How… why… when… did God come up with this?

“Let us make man in our image,” the scriptures say God said. It’s often used as an indication of the trinity, i.e. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were chatting one day and one of  them (or maybe all three at the same time) came up with this. I understand this. I talk to myself all the time as if there were at least two of me — one talking, and the other listening. Sometimes they both talk:  “Let’s do the Christmas lights today. No let’s not. We’ll be up all night.” We’ve been known to have long discussions.

I wonder how long it took them to decide to send one of them down here. It’s an unbelievable plan.

“No sweat,” says the Holy Spirit. “I’ll conceive a daughter of Eve, that way we can be the Father, break Adam’s sin curse by not even being a part of his DNA, and then we can pay for all their sins and start a new line — people born of God.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” says Jesus, “You don’t have to go down there and be a baby.”

“You’re forgetting that once you’re done with this and are safely back here with the Father, I’ll be the one who has to live in them — put up with their… whatever they call it.”

“Yes, but we’ll save the race,” says Jesus. “It’s worth it. We will love them completely. We will be one with them the way we are one.”

“Awesome,” says the Spirit.

“It’s brilliant,” says the Father. “It’s the best thing we’ve ever come up with. You’ll understand them completely; you’ll be one of them, for my sake.”

Who could  have thought of this other than God Himself? Where could it have been written down if not the Bible? No other source has the story. That’s because no other source came straight from God, and no one but God could have come up with this.

“I’ve got an idea,” thought God. “Let’s pay them a visit.” And He did.

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3 Responses to Let us pay them a visit

  1. Peter Leenheer says:

    Thanks for this Catch, it really shows the loving interaction in the trinity that the book The Shack also portrays. It is good to know and believe in a down to earth way what God might have said to himself.

    I will be using this conversation about saving us in children’s ministry. Kids understand that kind of simple but effective gospel. They need to know that God is AWESOME but also down to earth and loving. Thank you for this catch, it also touched my heart.

  2. Catherine Giesbrecht says:

    This phrase … “…redirect it from the inside” — that’s a perspective I hadn’t really considered before. I’ll be chewing on that for a while now — thanks!!

  3. Linda from Texas says:

    Well, I found I can’t drink coffee and laugh at the same time and you made me laugh with the three-way conversation. What an awesome God we have who knew how we would turn out and made provision for that. No matter what is going on in the world or in our lives we have this wonderful truth to hold on to – eternal life in the “home of righteousness” because Jesus was willing to die for us. Thank you again, John, for your unique perspective.

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