th-1Everyone was seeking.

The wise men sought a star. The angels sought an audience. The shepherds sought a stable.

Every Jew alive sought the savior. (Every male child born was possibly him. Every female child born carried the hope of possibly being his mother. It had been this way for centuries, ever since the promise was made to Eve that her offspring would crush the head of Satan, and the promises to Abraham and David that the line through which he would be born would come through them.)

Everyone was seeking. They were not just living; they were seeking. The wise men were not just fooling around in the heavens when they stumbled upon this strange star. They were looking for that star. That very one. It had been predicted not only in Hebrew scriptures, but in other scriptures as well and in ancient charts of the heavens. They’d been looking all their lives for that star. God planted it in the heavens, in their books and in their minds. Their fathers and mothers died without seeing it, but they passed on the hope and the search to their children.

It remains true for us today. The fact that we were born after His birth doesn’t change anything. Everyone before Christ knew someone was coming for them. Everyone after Christ knows someone came. Either way, you seek him.

There is a hope that lives — that breathes in a human body. Everyone breathes it. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows there is something more than what they are getting. Jews know this, but Gentiles know it too. It’s built into our DNA. We are not born stupid. We are all born seeking.

We are born remembering … something. Not sure what it is, but there is something there. Something happened that involves me and it involves hope. Great hope for everyone in the human race. Glad tidings of great joy to everyone in the whole world.

When we take the Gospel of Welcome to the world, we are not preaching something new. We are connecting people to something ancient — something that’s been there all along. Something they’ve known about — something they have been looking for all along. Something they suspected, but never had the courage to believe until now, until someone came with the Gospel of Welcome and they finally got it.

Can there be anything more compelling than this?

And now that we know it, the search isn’t over. It never is. We still have vast deserts to cross and miles and miles to traverse. Our star is still moving. We just know where to look now. Each day holds something yet to know or see. That’s why we keep looking, and why we keep pointing.

Don’t just live.

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light.

Help us get the Gospel of Welcome to 35 more countries. We’re in 139 now. How exciting to be bringing something we know everyone’s already looking for! Kimberly sent $200 this morning. Linda sent $5. We are so grateful to them and others who have taken part in our current campaign. We are off to a good start. We have a long ways to go. Will you join Kimberly and Linda and send what you can now, or become a monthly contributor?

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  1. Barbara says:

    Merry Christmas John & Marti

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