Merry (day after) Christmas

th-6Yesterday I wrote to you in the predawn hours of Christmas, something I haven’t done since the Catch began. I was inspired to share the moment with you, as if Santa had the time to sit down and write a short personal note as he finished off the milk and cookies by the fireplace. (And, in actuality, he does. He’s got plenty of time since he only has to visit one house every year just to keep the legend alive. You didn’t know that? The whole North Pole thing and the flying sleigh is really true; it’s just all set up for one house, because that one trip inspires Santas everywhere to keep doing their job. Of course, no one ever really knows if they got the real Santa or the inspired one, but does it matter? It gets the job done, and quite efficiently, I might add.)

Anyway, I digress. Marti didn’t read the Catch until late last night, but it inspired her to write something I am sharing with you this morning. One note: she was born and raised in upstate New York so her familiarity with Rockefeller Center is not imaginary.

My heart is full tonight with those who enjoyed the wonders of a baby’s first Christmas (at least in the eyes of the new parents) and those who are not seeing any new beginnings for many reasons including saying good bye to the beginnings that have ended. (I was going to edit that sentence, but it is so pristinely delivered unadulterated from the right brain of Marti Fischer that I decided to leave it with you to wrestle with. Suggestion: you can try and wrap your left brain around it or you can just let it pass straight through to your right brain and simply enjoy.)

Now that Christmas is over, I want to encourage you all to introduce hope to the hopeless and watch the power of Christ come alive as God did that first Christmas.

Are you merry? Then get out with the unhappy, the lonely, or depressed for whatever reason, and be contagious. Are you sad? Get out anyway because there is no quicker way to lose one’s sadness than to bring joy to someone else. And while I am always speaking about the homeless when I write, the homeless heart matters as much. Maybe even more. Hug someone out of nowhere. Surprise yourself.

Pretend you are ice skating in Rockefeller Center when you spot your “fellow man” as someone in the small crowd skating there. Step aside and let her skate through and wait. The circle of that rink is quite small, and she will come your way again. Greet her with a friendly “Hello” and let her pass. It will not take long to notice, as she turns the bend, that her shoelace is loose or her scarf is trailing. Let her through and go after her at top speed before she hurts herself, but wait until she is without an audience, and you are without one as well.

It’s all about keeping your eyes open, respecting your fellow man, and noticing how you can make someone’s life better. 

Merry (day after) Christmas!

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3 Responses to Merry (day after) Christmas

  1. KaT H. says:

    I hope that you and Marti and family had a wonderful Christmas 🙂 Happy Boxing day!

  2. Cynthia Cody says:

    I always love Marti’s additions to the Catch. I always enjoy her perception and say Amen to her thoughts. What a perfect team! Happy New Years Blessings! Love in Christ

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