The Gospel of Welcome

th-1As we wind down to the end of another year, it becomes customary to think about the really important things in life and ask ourselves: What are we doing? Are we accomplishing something or are we spinning our wheels? What do you use to measure such things?

As far as I can tell, there is only one measurement that truly counts at the end of the day. There is nothing more important or fulfilling than knowing the Gospel of Welcome, and knowing we are doing all we can to share it with everyone we know. We don’t all have to be Billy Graham, but we all do have a role to play in the furthering of the Gospel of Welcome in the world, and each of us is in the process of finding out what that is and doing it.

It may sound selfish but it is not. God is concerned first about you. He has provided a way back to Himself through His son, Jesus Christ, but He has left it to you to respond to Him. He does not force His will on anyone. It’s an open invitation.

God loves you.
God wants you.
God is calling you.
He left the door open.

God is saying, “The door to my heart is open. Walk on in. I’ve done everything there is to do to make it possible for you to be welcome in my presence. The rest is up to you. You are welcome here. Come home.”

I have a TV Guide special edition devoted to the life of Billy Graham. On the cover is a picture of him, hands clasped, head bowed, deep in prayer. I know this picture. It’s what he would do while the choir sang “Just As I Am” and he stood on the platform as thousands streamed forward to respond to the Gospel of Welcome. He has just announced in one way or another. “It’s okay; you can come home now,” and that was all that was necessary.

Think about it: it’s the one thing we are here on earth to do — and that is to get right with God.

You can set a record, win an election, found an organization, write a hundred books, change history with your invention, become a household name, but if you end your life on earth having never accounted for your life with God, come up wanting, called on Him to be merciful and discovered, lo and behold, that He is just that, you will have failed to accomplish what you were alive for. Certainly there will be plenty of things to do after this, but nothing quite so important to God, because He has provided eternity for you and He wants you to spend it with Him.

Don’t miss out. Don’t miss out on your own opportunity to come, and, having done that, don’t miss out on providing that same opportunity to others.

It’s good news.
It’s the day of salvation.
God isn’t counting people’s sins against them.
It’s time to come home.
Welcome home!

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One Response to The Gospel of Welcome

  1. Sue L says:

    So simple, so true. I came home to God after hearing Billy Graham preach in Wembley stadium. I wanted to know the God that he knew.

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