So much to say…

image002Charlie responded to yesterday’s Catch so as to make me want to pass it on to you. He has done extensive research on the right brain and saw, in my engagement with a picture I thought I would never be able to use, that the intuitive part of me knew there was something deeper to be experienced through that picture than to discard it as not useful to me.

By the way, that Catch unfolded just as you read it: I began writing in an attempt to find that deeper thing, even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to use the picture. It wasn’t until the very end that I figured out how to post the picture. That’s why I put it at the end instead of the beginning, like I usually do. I wanted you to go through the same process I went through. Charlie went through that process and made some further reflections I want to share with you today…

Your narrative got to me before the picture did and I found it emotionally engaging. I think that this letter is one of your very best, because it is so effective by engaging the mind. I wanted to see the picture, when I couldn’t. And isn’t that odd for you? It was right in front of you all this time. And you had the right brain intuition to keep it, but didn’t know why.

I, just a moment ago, discovered the Contacts in my computer program line in a more convenient place on my list of files that I can open in Outlook. It serves as a shortcut and will save me a total of a couple of hours over the course of the year. It is a minor treasure trove of a discovery, but it has been right in front of my nose all this time that I have been using a computer.  Right in front of my nose looking out at me; yet, I didn’t see it.

Similar, though not identical to your story, and so much a part of the human condition, Jesus is right in front of us all the time; yet we don’t see Him. Some of us never see Him; but even those who do don’t see Him all the time.

We wouldn’t go out for a walk with our friend John or Charlie or Marti and not see that person, now, would we? Yet we all go for a walk without realizing that He is with us, without it being at the forefront of our mind, like those two all along the Road to Emmaus…

Yes, we are all blind, but we all have intuition, and we would do well to follow it more woman cryingoften. It is where the Spirit talks to us. So much left brain Christian teaching that you can outline, copy and take notes on. Such an attempt to control — to have a reason for everything. Still there’s that picture we keep on our laptop and don’t know why. Jesus has so much He wants to show us.

Where to begin?

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2 Responses to So much to say…

  1. To add to that, I can’t count the # of times I’ve uncovered a book I thought had been loaned and lost, a letter or card I’d completely forgotten about, even a Bible verse while looking in the completely wrong area for another verse… And each one has popped up at very specific times, either when I needed to read them or needed to hand them to someone else! God just keeps working, mostly while we’re distracted!

  2. Peter Leenheer says:

    “”Jesus has so much he wants to show us.” is a fitting end to these last two catches about a woman crying. The picture cut me to the quick. It made me pensive. At first I just felt her grief, then a prayer welled up in my mind. “Jesus, What are you trying to tell me here?’ I see this woman’s grief, but nothing comes to mind. Please, Lord tell me what you want me to know. This was a few days ago. I asked my wife to read this catch and she found it powerful, but so did I. Then a sentence struck me. John you said that Marti sent you the picture, and you admitted that you were the cause of some major part of her grief. That is the same for me. I have caused my wife a lot of grief. Some of that grief was due to my sin and some due to the passing on of sin from generation to generation. While the latter is not my fault, it is my responsibility. After 40 years of marriage, praise the Lord she stayed with me, my constant prayer for her is that she will have peace of mind. That I can help this to happen by loving her unconditionally, and I have and I am doing that. Love is hard but worth every bit of the difficulty in doing it.

    Then my mind went somewhere else. It went to the grief men have caused and are causing women in this world. This woman crying spans the whole spectrum of grief that men have caused her. Yet she was the first one to announce the risen Christ, she carried the baby Jesus in her womb, she pondered all the things in her heart. Why is it that woman has been so downtrodden by men? She is after all the weaker sex, too emotional and whatever other male criticism we can throw at her to beat her down. All over the world we see women as second class citizens. It is only in the last few hundred years that that trend is changing.

    Woman’s grief comes because it says in Genesis 3:15 …..and she shall crush his head!! Satan fears that women will realize their worth, their destiny in God’s scheme of things and will actually crush his head. Satan’s head is crushed by Jesus born of a woman, and the second coming will bring woman her glory as God intended with the utter destruction of the evil one.

    To me, woman is God’s secret weapon, why else would she have been so downtrodden and destroyed in this world. Woman thrives when the man loves her, treats her with respect, shows the strength spiritually, mentally and physically that God endowed him with so to see to her well being.and happiness.

    Men let us together treat women as God intended us to treat them. As beautiful creatures adorned with grace and love so together we can live out the love and purpose God has put in our hearts and image. Maybe we will someday see a picture of a woman smiling, and glowing with love.

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