Midnight on Main Street

th-6Midnight on Main Street
The shades are all drawn tight
And tranquilized the daylight eyes
Try to sleep away the night
While out on Main Street
The midnight matinee
Slips into open air in the light of neon day
But the Broadway pleasure seekers
And the Madison Avenue sleepers
All find themselves at midnight
Crying out for love
‘Cause here on Main Street
Everyone’s the same
Midnight on Main Street

Four A.M. on Main Street
And the only sound
Is the street cleaner coming ‘round
To sweep yesterday down
And I’m left standing
Staring at an empty stage
Wondering what lies ahead
When the daylight turns the page
And the players resume their places
While the drama goes through a thousand paces
Will I take my part or will I walk away?
Morning on Main Street
Who will care?
Morning on Main Street

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2 Responses to Midnight on Main Street

  1. greg Krejci says:

    I remember this song. Still very relevant.

  2. Doug Rintoul says:

    Still waiting for “Johnny’s Cafe” to become available again. My mind was blown away the first time I heard it back in ’79. I would dearly love to get a copy.

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