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th-6Marti thinks I’m onto something. She thought yesterday’s Catch was brilliant. Well, she’s right, and here’s partly why she would think that way: She wrote most of it! That’s right. It came from a file of potential Catch ideas that contained some of her writing. I hadn’t had a chance to tell her that before I received these great accolades at the end of the day about the day’s Catch. Of course the other part of why she would like yesterday’s Catch is because it is true. We need to be champions of soul freedom — our own, and everybody else’s — and in discovering this, I did come upon something central to what makes the Catch the Catch.

So I guess I should say we’re onto something (which we are), and for that reason I don’t intend to leave it for a while. Not only is this thinking an important part of who you are, it’s also an important part of who we are. To turn it into a shameless marketing term: it’s our brand.

We do not treat you as mere objects without feelings, without desires, without willpower, without dignity, and without knowledge. We do not want you to remain docile, unthinking, predetermined automatons subject to the moldings of wiser adults who are the creators, possessors, and dispensers of all necessary Christian knowledge. We refuse to let you become passive receptacles of information even if it is the right information.

We are not your savior, but we hope we enable you to discover the Savior and thereby free yourselves from the context in which you suffer. We want to be active enablers of your inner potential for growth and learning.

We reject the ethos of radical conformity disguised as harmless tradition. We want you to be able and willing to think for yourselves, exploring your own relationship with Christ and His scriptures.

In the movie, Dead Poets Society, the dean of the Academy tries to force the students to sign a statement stating that Keating’s (Robin Williams) “destructive” teaching method was the true culprit in the suicidal death of one of their society members, when it is clear all along that what transpires at the Academy is not true learning, but rather an insidious form of control in which the dynamics of the dominant, established society, as exemplified by the faculty and administration, are denying students the right to pursue art, culture, and the limitless domain of their own creative minds, and the freedom of the human spirit to seek and explore all of what it means to be human beings made in the image of God.

Maybe we should just form our own secret society and go after the truth like never before.

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5 Responses to Living poets society

  1. bobbobs60 says:

    A renowned rabbi once said, “If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you. But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you.”
    Or put more simply, be yourself!
    But why? Why is it so important that we are ourselves and not an imitation of someone else?
    The reason is because if God chose to create us in the first place, it’s because He thinks that we are a good idea. God wants us to exist, so if we try to be someone else, we are not fulfilling the purpose of our creation. God wants us to be us.
    Today, we offer ourselves to God through service. We dedicate our lives to serving and working for God’s purposes. However, God doesn’t want us to deny who we are at our core; He wants us to magnify the unique talents and abilities that He gave to us and use them in service to Him.
    What makes you unique? What talents and treasures has God instilled within you? Identify those things and develop them as best as you can. Then designate them for God’s purposes and offer yourself to Him.

  2. TimC says:

    “Maybe we should just form our own secret society and go after the truth like never before.”

    Good idea. Maybe someone should do a blog/discussion called The Catch.

  3. Brian E says:

    I Hank God for the Catch for your writings have opened up my eyes and freedom to what I have in Christ. Thank you John and Marti for the work that you do! I read you during Lunch everyday!

  4. Gary says:

    I’m sorry but. again I’ll ask, is there something in need to do to get the “12th PART” of the “New Relationship with God”. PLEASE!

  5. Bare says:

    John, you sound like an old hippie…. oh wait. : ) Good stuff John.

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