To all the men that Kathy loved…

“L’chaim! L’chaim! To life!”

Kathy was a woman in a house of men; she had to be tough. With this in mind, John and Marti have something to say to those three men she loved so dearly.

To all the memories you can muster – all of them – the good and the bad ones; they make up your life with Kathy. From the times you had enough of her, to the times you longed for her touch. From rousting you out of bed in the morning to boat rides at sunset. From after curfew to after work, she thought about you, worried about you, prayed for you, cried for you, and bargained with God over you. She longed for you and let you go, wondering how she would ever live without you.

Chad, you became a man so fast – too fast, she thought. You were always the responsible one. You inherited her tendency to hold things together. She saw it and knew what you were doing, though she would often wish for her little boy back. Then you found Jenna and she stepped aside. She always knew how and when to do this. She was the opposite of a smothering mother, if there is such a thing.

Dan, you were the crazy one – the one most unlike her. She enjoyed your happy-go-lucky nature, but you terrified her. She loved and feared your free spirit. She glanced out the window often when you were out, and prayed whenever she heard sirens.

Then you went off to war leaving your beautiful Amber behind, and Kathy almost went off her rocker, but only inside, because she couldn’t let you know, lest you worry about her and miss how proud she was. She would not have that. Life isn’t fair. She can worry about you all she wants, but you mustn’t worry a minute about her. She’ll be fine.

And Mark … dear Mark … she didn’t care what was or was not going on in that thick head of yours, she loved you anyway. Always did; always will. She’s tenacious. She held on no matter what. She was a little pillar of a woman. Small. Immovable. You’d run into her and bounce off, wondering what it was you hit. You’d be the one to get hurt, and that was good, because you needed her strength. You may find you will still be bumping into her. That’s okay. That’s just that part of her that will always be with you – that part that made you the man you are today and will be even greater tomorrow.

God creates life and wants life to continue. We come from God and through Christ, we return to Him forgiven and new.  At death, life is changed, not taken away.  And since Heaven is a place outside of time and God is always with you, your lives together – Mark, Danny, and Chad – remain interwoven with Kathy, now and forevermore.

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One Response to To all the men that Kathy loved…

  1. Andrew P. says:

    Beautifully written, and quite obviously, heartfelt. Shalom to you all. “Grace, mercy and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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