Getting into the winners’ circle

He walked aboard ship he was runnin’ awayth
A storm hit the harbor and they started to pray
And Jonah said “Please throw me into the spray”
But he came out a winner

Losin’ is winnin’ if it turns you around
It all looks clearer when you’re close to the ground
If you know you’re lost then you can be found
And you walk out a winner

She walked in the room and she looked out of place
Anointing his feet from an alabaster vase
Salted with bitter tears that fell from her face \
And He called her a winner

He fell up the hill with the cross on His back
“The King of the Jews” was the name on the plaque
They drove the nails and the sky turned black
But He walked out a winner

This is not just a song for the bad times – something to cheer you up when things get rough. Nor is it a song for those people who have had a particularly bad lot in life – born into poverty or abuse. Nor is it a song for those who have tried and failed, gambled and lost. Nor is it a song just about Jesus – what He has done for us that we don’t have to do. It is a song about a spiritual reality that is true for every single one of us, and if it is not, then we have not gotten very far on our spiritual journey into Christ.

In his book, Maximum Faith, George Barna has uncovered, through researching the Bible and people’s experience of God, ten stops on a spiritual journey to a truly transformed life that are common to us all. They are not steps achieved, as much as they are stops on our journey, where we can mark certain realities in our experience of faith and our enjoyment of fulfillment and the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In his research, Barna discovered that the vast majority of Christians in America’s churches have not ventured much beyond stop five, and most are languishing around stops three and four. The one stop that was common to all who were experiencing God and being used by Him on a regular basis was stop seven, and only a relatively small percentage of church goers knew anything about it.

Step seven is “Brokenness.”

In his own words, Barna says: “As an important albeit difficult stop on the journey, brokenness enables us to get beyond ourselves and recognize our need for God’s complete, continuing and uninterrupted intervention in our life. For us to become the people God intends us to be, brokenness is not an optional possibility; it is a necessity.”

Brokenness is having our eyes opened to the truth about ourselves that we tend to want to avoid. That truth is the fact that we are all losers, all sinners, all needy, all broken. The difference being those who embrace this and those who fight it, deny it or cover it up.

Jesus had to go to the cross. If He hadn’t, no one would have been saved. In a point of human weakness and struggle, He prayed that He might get out of going to the cross – that there might be another way to save humanity – but there was not.

We can pray and ask God if there might be another way to a transformed life other than by way of our own cross of brokenness, but in the end, there is not. As one of my spiritual mentors, Ray Stedman, used to say, “Resurrection power only works in graveyards.”

As we celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection this Easter weekend, let’s be aware of our own losses, our own lostness, our own brokenness, and the wonderful path to God’s love and provision that it supplies. Easter is for losers who know about the path Jesus took – the same path they take, over and over again, to find their place in the winners’ circle.

Losin’ is winnin’ if it turns you around
It all looks clearer when you’re close to the ground
If you know you’re lost, then you can be found
And you walk out a winner

Click here to listen to listen to George Barna talk about brokenness.

Click here to listen to and/or download Losin’ is Winnin’.

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3 Responses to Getting into the winners’ circle

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Big thx Pastor John 4 this song and I just fell in luv w/ it and this verse from the chorus:
    “Losin’ is winnin’ if it turns you around…”
    I’ll try to explain the best I am able to what I mean… Most of the Catch follows know about my time in a coma and for years I thought one of the reasons I did ‘wake-up’ from it was because the night before I praised God for the chains that seemed to bind me, which I still think/believe that helped, yet lately the Lord has been speaking to my heart, plus I’ve thought about it a bit more then usual…

    I think also what may have honored our God even maybe a bit more is when I could say to Him: I don’t know where I am at, or what happened to me, yet Lord I do know that you do know.

    I’ve gained some in-sight to that which I didn’t have before, I think God may have snapped His fingers and awoke me fully from the coma, because I placed my trust and faith in Him that He knew where I was and what had happened to me, so even thou I felt back then I had loss my whole life that I knew of and about up until that nite struggling to get out of being strapped down in that hospital bed – He let me awake and help give me this new life, which I really, really like! And I see more advantages to being disabled man then I’m able to see disadvantages – Praise God from all blessings flow 4 His is a good God…. 🙂
    PS also much thx 4 the George Barna talk… i’ll try to listen to it in bits and pieces…

  2. Bennie says:

    I have always loved this song since I first hear it many years ago. I couldn’t get the link to download the song to work. Can someone please fix the link? Thanks.

    • Bennie says:

      I did get the link to work, but the page it goes to will only let you listen to the song. Losin Is Winnin is not available to download.

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