Why pray when you can worry?


You are getting the Catch really, really late today because I blew it. We were to announce the launch of our Membership Committee driven MemberPartner campaign and I had such high expectations on the writing of the Catch today that I couldn’t relax and write what I know I’m capable of writing. I got all tied up in knots thinking, “I’ve got to write the greatest Catch ever so that our readers respond to our call to become MemberPartners.”

Ok – so I am worrying….

Our Membership Committee has invested a lot of time, effort and brain power into putting this campaign together and I’m worrying about whether it will work. This is not a statement of any lack of trust in the Committee. In fact, they have done a wonderful job and deserve all of your and my thanks. No, this is my statement, because I am choosing to worry about the need for MemberPartners instead of trusting in prayer before the Lord Jesus Christ.

I honestly know there is no peace found in circumstances. I know the Lord is in control. I am just not making real what I believe, and I am choosing to worry …

What if we throw a great MemberPartner campaign and no one joins us? It is just that this is such an important campaign, and what if it doesn’t work? What if … What if … What if …

In order to thrive and not just starve a little, our accountant insists we reduce our reliance on emergency fundraising and begin by substantially increasing our MemberPartners.This change in reliance, he warns is not a silver bullet by any means. Yet, it makes sense that monthly gifts in smaller amounts go a long way to help even out our roller-coaster financial cycles that, quite frankly are no fun ride.

The Catch is a Readership Supported Ministry.

The Catch is the telling of personal stories – yours and mine. The value of the Catch is to tell each other’s stories within the Catch community, add depth to our day-to-day lives, and intelligence to how we walk through the day.

The Catch is the basis to speak of the Gospel of Welcome to everyone, everywhere. As fear increasingly grips human hearts, as despair spreads widely at the failure of man to accomplish the great dreams that he is continually having, as the terrible weapons of destruction increase in the arsenals of the nations, as pollution and corruption spread widely around the earth, and people’s hearts are indeed trembling with fear in looking at the things coming on earth, what an hour this is to declare the mercy and the grace of God, that in Jesus Christ there is a new humanity being formed.

The gospel is going to go forward, with or without us. This is God’s great command, a vision He has set in all of us. Yet, if we do not respond, He will work through anyone who shows up.  God doesn’t need us. But He does call us. He wants us to participate – all of us – you and me.

I forget so often but truly I understand we do not find peace because of logic or circumstances, and our peace is the hope we hold, and that hope comes from trusting the Lord who is always in control.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13 (NIV).

Regardless of your decision, I promise to write a great Catch for you tomorrow. I don’t plan on worrying anymore (well, at least not as much as I have been) and I am praying for you as I write.

Here is how to sign up:
The easiest way to become a MemberPartner or find out more about becoming one, is to click on the Simply Brilliant button. 

Or you can call me directly at (949) 315-5533.

Thank you so much for thinking about becoming a MemberPartner. Your tax-deductible contribution will sustain our viability, and, in time we well all thrive. Thank you in advance for your support!

Yours always for the journey,


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One Response to Why pray when you can worry?

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Dear Pastor John, plz don’t feel alone in this regard: “Ok – so I am worrying….” even thou I do not like to admit it – I too do that wayyyy to often… and sometimes i can get to feeling / thinking man i’d be about one half way nuts if i didn’t worry about this, or that – then a while ago i heard a message that spoke to my heart about me doing that is like unto having no faith and not believing as you wrote above God is in control… A friend once gave me this verse that seems to help me sometimes during those times: I Pet: 5:7 (NIV) “Cast all your anxiety on Him becauz He cares for you”
    PS You & Marti can be assured of as long as i draw breath, i’ll be more then happy to help support the Catch, becauz you both are great blessings to me and trying to a follower of Christ..!

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