Banding together

Peter & JoDee

Peter & JoDee

As you receive your Catch today, the beloved wife of our Chairman of the Board will be starting her fourth (or 100th, as Marti puts it) treatment of chemotherapy this month. Marti’s exaggeration is due to the fact that this is not her first rodeo. She has already beaten back cancer four times in the last 25 years. Sometimes you do want to scream from some place deep inside, “Enough, Lord!”

Marti and I feel it’s high time we let you all into this battle as prayer warriors, given the enormous support this couple has been to us, and consequently, to the Catch. We pray individually, and specifically, for many of you; now it’s time we all focus our prayer power together on someone from whom you have benefitted without knowing it.

Knowing JoDee, she would resist being singled out. She is a woman who knows great sorrow, but like so many of you she does not want to be considered above the many who have come to know pain to greater and lesser degrees. These people I speak of, like JoDee, have come to know pain so well that it is often greeted in the kitchen over a cup of coffee. Therefore, we are not going to go into any more detail about JoDee’s circumstances, except to simply ask you to join us in celebrating her life, and the life of her husband, and because it is not easy for the lifelong partner or the one in pain to be separated, let’s pray from the four dimensions — that of our heart, soul, mind and strength with which we love the Lord — that the healing of JoDee and the Lord’s comfort for her husband, Peter, and their whole family, would be established on earth as it is in heaven. So be it.
  • Many suffer – and we need to know who you are.
  • Many dedicate themselves to prayer – we need to know who you are.
  • Many follow and this is good.
  • We need someone of the many to lead this mighty troop of warriors in prayer, and if the Lord is tapping on the shoulder, please call or write Marti or me at 949.315.5533 /, or 949.500.3490/
From Laura, a MemberPartner and member of the Membership Committee – Day 3

If Marti and John were perfect pitchmen (and because they know us better than we know ourselves), they could manipulate our giving power by employing The Guilt Trip!

How easy would this be? Guilt trips are the bread and butter of any membership campaign, and rarely are as benign as we might think. They manipulate behavior. Guilt trips provide a quick tour through the shame and blame that sidetrack many of us. John could easily say, “Among other things, I study and think all day long about what I am going to write the next morning when I am awake at 4:00 AM just for you. And you are not a member? Really? Are you sure you’d rather spend your money on that new iPhone case and not become a MemberPartner?”

No … John and Marti simply trust in these hearts of ours to want to give, but never would they use coercion to make us give like is done so often elsewhere. They know you and I would eventually come to resent them for moving us to a place we really did not want to go.

So, come and join my fellow Membership Committee members and me, and become a MemberPartner simply because it is a brilliant thing to do. I can promise you, there is nothing brilliant about us – simple, yes … brilliant, no. And while the bringing of the Gospel of Welcome to everyone, everywhere is a very simple message, the message represents the Great Commission, which was branded on our hearts by Jesus Christ. Now that’s brilliant!

Please take a minute and consider this:

Catch MemberPartnerships offer a pain-free way to help further the Gospel of Welcome.  It is a Brilliant idea whose time has come. It is simple to enroll. It is an uncomplicated approach to achieve a vital ministry.  It is Simply Brilliant.

Every time a new MemberPartner is activated, the Gospel of Welcome message extends farther beyond the 139 countries we are presently serving, new enrichment programs are added, and our services are expanded to members, contributors, and readers.

What’s more, a real, tangible economic advantage is offered to all Catch citizens, irrespective of financial capacity:
  • To keep it simple, rich or poor, if there is a “readiness” to give – a built-into-the-heart desire to give, “the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.”(2 Corinthians 8:12).
  • For those without the capacity to give, MemberPartner sponsorships are available.
  • Together with this, opportunities exist to register friends and family tax free MemberPartnerships or honor a loved one through an honorary PartnerMembership in his or her memory.
Here is how to sign up:
The easiest way to become a MemberPartner or find out more about becoming one, is to click on the Simply Brilliant button. 

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One Response to Banding together

  1. Lois Taylor says:

    Our God is amazing. We have a motto in our Senior Sunday School class: Always amazed, never surprised.

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