Discipling a ‘nation’ of soccer moms

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20)

Think about it: all the authority in heaven and on earth and what is He doing with it? Curing cancer? Stopping global warming? Bringing an end to all conflict? No. He is enabling us to make followers of Christ.

I just saw a seven-story rendering of thousands of photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope, where all that power and authority in the universe is on incredible display, and what does God do with all of this? Send you and me out into the world to make followers of Christ? Yes. Apparently, making followers of Christ must be God’s number one priority for us. Way more important than fixing things, is getting things rightly aligned with Christ.

And He wants us to do this by nations. This was always confusing to me — why He put this on a national level — until Marti researched it and found out the word doesn’t refer to nations as we have them today, but to any and all people groups.

Any group.

th-12The Catch is a group. Firefighters are a group. Soccer moms are a group. A group is a bunch of like-minded people. That, then, would include groups of homosexuals, buddies at the local bar, neighbors on the block, coworkers at the office, etc. Go, get people to follow me, just like you followed me with all of your warts and smelly fish clothes and all of your personal issues. Go to the groups around you, do this, and I will be with you. That is it. That is what my power is for. Who would have thought?

Every one of us is in at least one group (family) and most of us in many different ones. We all have “nations” to disciple. Time to get going!

To our dear Catch Citizens:

I am giving the Membership Committee a day off – but, first let’s put our virtual hands together in a collective “Thank you” for their coming together to make this campaign possible.

In the early morning, I am in my study, Marti is greeting someone on the phone who is a Catch citizen experiencing a personal hardship. Hours later at the end of day, you can hear my steps, and Marti’s wound-up chatter coming together like wayward drum beats. A voice breaks out in laughter, and muffled speaker-phone voices float through the air. It’s another day at the Catch, but because I hear these sounds daily from my desk, I can tell you it is so much more than just another day. 

The old adage ” Communication is Key” stands true. Through a multidimensional approach, our focus continues to be on figuring out how to turn the unique ways the Catch Ministry is changing the world into content that can be used by you. 

Our Catch citizens rely on communication with the Catch for empowerment and encouragement to further their faith efforts. Conversely, we rely on communication with our Catch community to determine the overall value of our ministry and the services it provides. Is the community satisfied with what they are receiving in exchange for engagement with the ministry? Are its citizens gratified with the value and levels of service being provided – and is it in conjunction with their generosity? 

As we continue to stretch our resources and maintain a perspective on our citizens’ joys and concerns, we will also continue to find the answers to the questions above. We will continue to ask you to share your stories through audio and video resources published to our YouTube channel. Go to the membership page and hear what you and others are saying about us. The conversations change every day. 

The Catch is the telling of its Citizen’s personal stories. This is a value of the Catch: to tell stories of those within the Catch community, add depth to the day-to-day news, and relate how we walk with the Lord throughout the day.

What a basis this gives us to speak of the Gospel of Welcome to men and women everywhere! As fear increasingly grips human hearts, as despair spreads widely at the failure of man to accomplish the great dreams that he is continually having, as the terrible weapons of destruction increase in the arsenals of the nations, as pollution and corruption spread widely around the earth, and people’s hearts are indeed trembling with fear in looking at the end of things coming on earth, what an hour this is to declare the mercy and the grace of God, that in Jesus Christ there is a new humanity being formed!

As the Catch continues its BlogTalkRadio show each week, there are more stories of musicians, thought leaders, survivors, pastors, teachers, and worldwide spokespersons that are broadcasted and preserved at the Catch for years to come, thanks to you. 

Hundreds more stories, about connecting faith to life, about connecting family to other families and friends, and about connecting all of us to the Gospel of Welcome, are Catch community treasures written each day because your dollars fund our Catch Ministry. 

Through your MemberPartnership, 
  • You are building a center of support for the arts, lifelong learning, and insights into the core of our being here in our community,
  • You are helping us highlight issues facing our worldwide community and what’s happening in our own backyards, and
  • You are keeping the Gospel of Welcome expanding to everyone, everywhere.
Will you continue that work with us by becoming a MemberPartner today with a gift most favorable to your pocketbook? 

We have a lot in store for the future. Read on to learn where your gift will make an impact for your Catch …

Our programming is growing. The first ever international Bible study is being readied for you and will be launching mid-September. The study series includes teaching by John, interactive study guides and exchanges between all study partners.  Your contributions help make for a more vibrant community.

Your MemberPartnership will help us prepare for our expansion plans including updating our ‘corporate building’ (website) by investing in its infrastructure, which includes rewiring of its technology to strengthen the foundation, making it easier for you to navigate, and providing opportunities to take advantage of our new applications.

Toward the goal of expanding the Gospel of Welcome to everyone, everywhere,Rebooting the Mission will be offered to all citizens of the Catch in mid-August. It is a 3-part study designed to involve you with easy access to the Internet and its media platforms, so that you can understand for yourselves how to be one of the first to use social media to expand the Gospel of Welcome to everyone, everywhere. 

Mid-June and into July we will involve everyone in an interactive 21 Day Challenge, where we will examine the challenges we face in living together respectfully, and joyfully on this small planet, and, at the same time, recognize the greater part we can play as members of the marketplace.

Our password protected MemberPartner site is being made ready for launch at the end of May and will offer a monthly newsletter, challenging and encouraging articles written by John and other thoughtful thinkers, ‘Ask John & Marti’ an on-going exchange of ideas page, and access to exclusive resources and online events designed to give MemberPartners a greater role in shaping the future of the Catch Ministry.

Presently, responding to our Board’s direction to see our funding made sustainable over the year, the Catch is in the membership committee-driven seventh day of its MemberPartner campaign. It is a no nonsense – no bells and whistles campaign, attempting to point out how you are making the difference in the lives of many people through the Catch.

Your investment in the Catch is necessary for its vitality and accessibility. The Membership Committee set a goal for 9 new MemberPartners a day. We are behind on our daily goal, but we believe this goal is still doable. Help me help you to encourage their efforts by acting now. It is your MemberPartnerhip that will make the difference. 

How to give: The easiest way to become a Member Partner is to contribute securely online by clicking on this link:

Or calling me at 949.315.5533

Or mailing your commitment to our offices at: 

Catch John Fischer
Attention: Accountant
1278 Glenneyre 
Laguna Beach, California 92651

Thank you so much for considering to become a MemberPartner of the Catch. Your tax-deductible monthly contribution will help cover nearly half of the funding used to bring you the Catch, its services and programs. Thank you in advance for your support! 

Yours for the journey,
John (and for) Marti

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One Response to Discipling a ‘nation’ of soccer moms

  1. Kevin Michael says:

    You mention the “membership page” where we can post our stories and such, and the YouTube channel, yet I find no links to either?

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