It’s Simply Brilliant

Here is what is Simply Brilliant:

We have met
Across time zones, countries, and continents with invisible borders,
We have met
And we continue to meet
Every day.

We connect
Over being human, day by day,
And part of God, forever.

We share
Our longings, our failures, our questions, our doubts, our joys and our sorrows
And we do this as if we were right next to each other
Because we are.

We rejoice
Over God’s grace that fills every emptiness
Over forgiveness that erases our guilt and shame
Over love that covers over a multitude of sins
Over mercy that pays our debt
Over the tie that binds us all together
And the hope that makes people run to Jesus
And not away from Him.

We learn
What God is doing in the world around us
And what we can do to be a part of it.

We embark
On the adventure of discovering
What God wants us to do
Every day.

We are so different;
We are so much alike
And that is what makes it so much fun.

I will be here for you
Day by day
(I can do no other);
You can be here for me
Month by month
With support that matches your ability.

It’s a simple plan to keep us solvent
And creating new tools
To help us do (and remember) all of the above.

It’s simple
And it’s brilliant;
It’s …

Click now and become a MemberPartner

Click now and become a MemberPartner

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One Response to It’s Simply Brilliant

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Yes to all of the above and it is Simply Brilliant..! 🙂

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