Freely received? Freely give.



He’s a dark horse in the night time
Heading straight for the enemy camp
And he has no fear ‘cause his eye is clear
Throwing light like a burning lamp
And maybe sometime, at the right time
You may see him galloping by
A simple man with a single plan
And the Spirit in his eye
– from the song “Dark Horse” by John Fischer


Do you have anyone like this in your life — someone with a decisive word from God that provided bold leadership right when you needed it? My guess is that you do, or at least you did, because often people like this play a role in our lives when we are at a crossroads, and then they gallop on by.

A simple man with a single plan
And the Spirit in his eye

Sometimes God’s will is as clear as a bell, but it takes someone to ring it — someone with the simplicity of belief, the singleness of mind and the courage to speak it into your life.

Dark Horse is the story of such a man in my life who gave me the example and the courage to offer that same decisive leadership to someone else.

There is a boldness to being aware of God’s will that those who walk closely with God have a way of knowing. Often they know it for other people better than they know it for themselves, which is usually the way it is with spiritual gifts. They are for others, and rarely work on the giver of the gift; indeed, that person often has a deficit in the same area in which they provide strength for someone else. It’s the way God has us all interrelated with each other. No man is an island. What I provide for you, I’m going to need from someone else.

For the next couple weeks we are going to explore the Dark Horse story as an opportunity to discover how God leads us, and how He directs us to provide that same leadership for someone else. And I make no bones about the fact that this discovery will also be part of our ongoing Simply Brilliant membership campaign begun so brilliantly by our membership committee.

We want more of you to think of the Catch not just as something good for you, but something you can provide for someone else. A MemberPartnership does just that. It says, “Here. This has been valuable to me, and I want to support it, because I want to provide that value to someone else.”

Dark Horse is the story of leadership received and leadership given. It is always the way of the Lord that what you receive, you also give. We don’t get to keep anything for ourselves; if we try, it turns bad in our hands.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. (Matthew 10:8)

To become a MemberPartner and give the Catch to others, click on the Simply Brilliant logo right here:

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3 Responses to Freely received? Freely give.

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    I like today’s Catch and this verse a lot of Matt 10:8 “…Freely you have received; freely give.” In which leads me to ask the Catch family to plz consider giving a very good a dear friend of mine in Toronto, Canada some of your free & spare time to whisper a few prayers for her desire – she wants to move back to TX, or AZ really, really bad & soon as possible! Yet because of many complications has in going thru a divorce and her green card is no-long valid – she was born in Mexico.

    From what she told me it cost a lot of money, that she simply doesn’t have a hire a lawyer and the Embassy in Toronto is extremely busy, in-fact she has been having a very hard time to even talking to them on the phone. So plz, pretty plz consider whisper prayers for my good friend Ginny that the Lord opens doors so she get back to TX, or AZ and I’ll say thank-you in advance.

    God’s speed & blessings to the Catch family of friends.

    • bobbobs60 says:

      But, what if it’s not God’s desire for her to move back to Arizona or Texas?
      Is she content to stay in Canada IF that is Gods plan for her?
      We can certainly pray for her that she’ll follow God’s leading but also that He grant her the insight on which open doors are the best portals to fulfill His wisest plan for her and those whom she may impact – either in Canada or the United States.
      1 Kings 13:11-32

      • Mark Seguin says:

        bobbobs60 you asked: “Is she content to stay in Canada…?” Plz correct me if i am wrong, i can be often, yet I thought i wrote above: “…her desire – she wants to move back to TX, or AZ” Does that answer… and as for the rest of what wrote, i’ll reply I don’t try to ‘play’ God when someone tells me their desires and ask me 4 pray I jus try to luv them and pray – yet i’ll thx u for writing u will pray – i’ll leave the rest up to God… 🙂

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