Faith and flying hooves

233Dark Horse is the story of one who unexpectedly wins. And in that regard, it is the story of all of us.

None of us planned on having eternal life. None of us expected to have our sins forgiven. None of us thought we would ever win anything. None of us cut ourselves loose, or set ourselves free. None of us can make one good deed flow out of our being without it being tainted in some way. None of us can forgive. None of us can count on ourselves for much of anything. These things are beyond our power to create, and out of our jurisdiction to grant. As such, this is all tremendously good news, but not so easy to receive.

A life that is free in the Spirit runs counter to our natural inclination to plan, control, and measure everything by our own yardstick. We want to be in charge. We want to hold on to our own idea of ourselves. We want to tell our own version of everything. We want to manage our image. None of us wants to let go, and yet, nothing lasting will ever come from our lives until we do.

Dark Horse is the story of one who has discovered that the answers he is seeking in life come as he propels himself forward, counting on Someone Else to guide him, show him what to do, and bring something worthy out of his life; not before he goes, but as he goes. In that, it shows us that life in the Spirit is the ultimate adventure. “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).

If you reach your goal – if you achieve what you set out to do – you have not done it in the Spirit. You have done it in what the Bible calls “the flesh,” or everything within the human realm of expectation. If you exceed your wildest imagination, and do what you know you could never do yourself in a hundred years, you may have discovered life in the Spirit.

You cannot experience life in the Spirit by standing still. In the controlled environment of the White Horse Ranch where everything is based on appearance and pretense, there are no surprises. We are working with what we know. Accordingly, we rely on strategy, scheming and manipulation of impressions and events to get the desired results.

Outside of that controlled environment, there is only faith and flying hooves. Faith and mud. Faith and forward. Faith and discovery. Faith and adventure. Faith and Oh my gosh, did I just do that? Faith and fire. Faith and pain. Faith and exhilaration. Faith and freedom. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1).

Faith is never a static thing.

233We are asking all who have contributed to the Catch Ministry and all who plan on contributing in the future to seriously consider becoming a MemberPartner by committing to a monthly gift of an amount of your choosing. This will go a long way towards securing a future for the Catch and a consistency upon which we can build and expand our reach for the Gospel of Welcome. (Click on the photo at left to sign up.) Also, look for another email today with a very important message in regards to our current state of affairs.

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One Response to Faith and flying hooves

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Please, pretty please Pastor John try to not speak 4 me or everyone else other then yourself – For example: “None of us planned on having eternal life.” (I did, or surely hoped & prayed 4 it, since I was a pre-teen after I seen the Movie “Mosses” w/ Charles Hesston – it had a big effect on me and was very happy when i became ‘born-again’ yet i’ve wondered many of times was if that night after seeing that movie and falling asleep crying to myself – and in my heart ‘saying’ God I desire to know u – I simply don’t know, yet will not let someone else speak for me)

    And this: “None of us expected to have our sins forgiven. (Again I did! – i often thought, again before i became a believer, when ‘seeing’ God, I’d just bow and ask for Him to plz forgive my sins -which I knew where many, yet was taught as a child in Catholic elementary education He always does when asked forgives your sins)

    Now this: “None of us thought we would ever win anything.” (I have and will continue to try hard to keep daily my attitude of a winner! Plus I have won many; upon many prizes! I imagine if I had this attitude of a looser, I wouldn’t have won anything… and I believe the Word of God teaches: Has a man thinks, so he is!)

    I’m sorry – I stopped reading today’s Catch after that – Why do u feel this need to speak for anyone, other then yourself? Plz consider re-reading maybe “How to Win…” I’m sure after I work on getting over being offended by someone trying to speak 4 me, I may finish reading this Catch, yet until then plz consider not speaking for me, or anyone else but yourself, OK… 🙂
    PS it jus shows a sign of good manners, people skills and a think intelligence to know all anyone can speak for is themselves… 🙂

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