Believe in the power of prayer

th-11Prayer is huge.

When it comes to prayer, I’m all ears. That’s because I don’t have much to say. What I can be sure about when it comes to prayer is that I could use a lot more of it in my life.

My prayer life would most resemble Tevye’s in Fiddler on the Roof — a kind of running banter with God about how things are not going so well with my life. “God help me …” “God show me …” “God direct me …” “God, what are you doing?” This is the extent of most of my prayers — a kind of prayer-on-the-go. To be sure, this is a part of prayer, but I’m not sure it’s the most important part, primarily because it is all about me.

Prayer is an important part of bringing God’s will on earth to fruition, or as Jesus taught us: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). That would indicate that our prayers are a part of God’s workings in the world. That God would involve us in this way in His presence and purposes in the world is nothing short of amazing. Would God’s will be done if we didn’t pray for it? I’m not sure I want to find out. It may be that in praying for His will to be done, God gets us in line with it ourselves. If you’re going to constantly be praying for God’s purposes to be done on earth, then you will of necessity become a part of those purposes yourself. You’re not going to pray for something you don’t care about, or don’t plan to participate in.

And then there is intercessory prayer, where one stands before God and intercedes or prays on behalf of another. It’s a priestly function. A priest is a mediator between God and man, and since Jesus has made us all priests through His Spirit in us, we can function as priests for one another.

As one commentator has put it, “Jesus was an intercessor while He was here on earth. He prayed for those who were sick and possessed by demons. He prayed for His disciples. He even prayed for you and me when He interceded for all those who would believe on Him (John 17). Jesus continued His ministry of intercession after His death and resurrection when He returned to Heaven. He now serves as our intercessor in Heaven.”

What an example! If Jesus prayed for those around Him, and He is praying for us all right now, do we need any more incentive than that to join in?

We need to take this more seriously, and here at the Catch, we are going to make some priests available to you. These are individuals who have made it their practice to stand before the Lord and pray on behalf of others. Of course, this is something we are all called to do for each other, but there are some who have a special desire and calling in this area and we are pleased they have surfaced in our community; and in the next few days, we will be announcing how we will make this service available to you.

In the meantime, we are all engaged in warfare with an enemy we can’t see and forces that are beyond us. We need intervention. We need prayer, and we need to pray; not only for ourselves, but for those around us. It’s part of our priestly duty, and part of God’s provision for bringing His will to earth as it is in heaven.

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3 Responses to Believe in the power of prayer

  1. Krabbenhoft, Kevin C says:

    Yes, we need to be discerning in our prayers and take note when they are “all about me”
    And another AMEN – I love that you pointed this out too.

    He even prayed for you and me when He interceded for all those who would believe on Him (John 17

    Kevin Krabbenhoft
    Incident Manager – Integrated Application Operations CoE
    Commercial Aviation Services IT
    Mobile: (253) 205-7154 Desk: (843) 641-3451

  2. AwkwardChristian says:

    Yes, prayer is huge. Sometimes I wonder why we pray for others–God knows what they need, right? I really do think it’s God’s way of helping us to put others above ourselves. Right now, I am praying that the Holy Spirit will start moving in my teen son’s life (he is not a believer). It would be a blessing to have some of these gifted folks pray for him too. I pray long and hard and not very mellifluously. However, I did pray this morning for a book I’d misplaced to turn up (a Bible-based book on loving). It turned up 20 minutes later. God must really think I need to read this book. 🙂

    • jwfisch says:

      Julia, use our new prayer line to enter your request. That way you’ll know someone is specifically prayer for this.

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