Prayer is…

Prayer is talking to God.
Prayer is listening to God.
Prayer is deliberate.
Prayer is reaching, stretching, wondering, doubting.
Prayer is humbling.
Prayer is empowering.
Prayer is on your knees.
Prayer is on the go.
Prayer is chatting with God like Tevye.
Prayer is pouring your heart out to God like David.
Prayer is wrestling with God for a blessing.
Prayer is for you.
Prayer is for others.
Prayer is desperate.
Prayer is joyful.
Prayer is not just what I want, but finding out what God wants.
Prayer is silent.
Prayer is a scream … “Why?”
Prayer is a groaning that cannot be uttered.
Prayer is a liturgy that can be read.
Prayer is a dance.
Prayer is a stumble.
Prayer is arms out breathing the air of heaven.
Prayer is face down tasting the dust of earth.
Prayer is going off to be alone.
Prayer is joining up with many.
Prayer is what you do when you don’t know what to do.
Prayer is what you do when you do.
Prayer is a morning song.
Prayer is an evening whisper.
Prayer is a night cry.
Prayer is all about things – things I need … things I want … things I worry about.
Prayer is all about letting things go.
Prayer is what you can do for someone else.
Prayer is what someone else can do for you.
Prayer is what we can all do for each other.
Prayer is what we can do for you if you let us know.
Prayer is spiritual breathing.
Pray without ceasing.

From a MemberPartner…

I do not know of any better formula than giving counsel and pushing into actions of faith that go beyond the comfort zone. Can you imagine any better way than what Marti and John do to create a welcoming community for some forgotten people? ᅠThey make His Church accessible in a brand new and needed way. ᅠStand by them.

John, Los Gatos, California

Main Street, Los Gatos

Main Street, Los Gatos


Click on picture of Main Street to join John as a MemberPartner.

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5 Responses to Prayer is…

  1. Jim Manker says:

    Love this.

    BTW. I’m a long time friend of Rob Stutzman, met you up at Sun Grove Men’s Retreat a few years ago…i was associate pastor there at the time…

    Just was speaking in Portland, propped your book, 12steps for a Pharisee like me.

    Quoted you also, “When you truly understand love and forgiveness, you don’t care who else gets it.” Love it, I know I’m paraphrasing but it perfect!

    Thanks John.

    OAN. You once wrote a Catch on “all roads lead to God” that had a number of statements like, “all roads lead to God…no…but CAN all roads lead to God…yes…Jesus can be at the end of every road, etc…

    Can I have a copy…it’s awesome.

    Jim Manker 916.548.3280

    • jwfisch says:

      I’ve touched on this a number of times. Might be a little hard to find the one you’re talking about. I’ll see what I can do.

  2. KaT H. says:

    AMEN to this! 🙂

  3. This is what I needed. Thank you.

  4. authentism says:

    Hey John, Just finished watching the twelve “Our New Relationship with God” messages on Youtube. Any way to get DVD or audio copies? memberpartner Terry (

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