In first place

th-24Ever wake up in the morning with some good news on your mind? There was something good in the air when you went to bed, and in the morning, that feeling is still with you, though you might not immediately remember why?

I remembered shortly after waking up this morning that the Los Angeles Angels moved into first place in their division last night with a win over the Boston Red Sox. Now that little piece of information may not make anybody’s day, but for diehard fans like me — who follow a team game-by-game and have an app to keep them posted on scores, standings, and highlights — it’s a pretty big deal. The Angels haven’t been in first place since April, 2011. Of course a half-game lead in August doesn’t mean much — it could be gone tomorrow — but it is saying one thing: the Angels have managed to stay close, and that is what it takes in baseball. You want to be close enough at the end of the season to hopefully get hot for the playoffs.

This little piece of news is delivered out of deference to the Oakland Athletics, who had to lose five out of their last six games to make it possible for the Angels to catch them. Oakland has been cruising along in first place all season, but the Angels have been creeping up on them steadily, and finally, a little Oakland losing streak coupled with a little Los Angeles winning streak, and here I am, feeling good in the morning and remembering why … my team is in first place.

Now, it’s not good to tie your emotional make-up too closely to something as fickle as baseball, but if you wanted to tie your emotions to the game of life, and the fact that, in spite of what may be going on in your life that might seem like a losing streak right now, you are an ultimate winner in Christ Jesus, that might be something.

Since, in Christ, we will have the ultimate victory, we need to continually act as though we are in a place to win. That’s living by faith — stepping into the big picture. That’s living by a prevailing optimism. We know how this season turns out, so we will live in such a way as to take advantage of that knowledge. If you didn’t wake up this morning with a good feeling, you can get one now because the truth is based on what Christ has already done and will do in the future. That win is not based on you; it’s based on Him. Jesus Christ has the best record in life, and He is leading us.

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4 Responses to In first place

  1. Mark S. says:

    I’m happy 4 u Pastor John that your Angels r in 1st place… The Detriot Tigers who have been in 1st all season, jus fell out of it. Kansas City have took it over, so i’m looking to the big picture and have faith things will change! Both in my life and in MLB… 🙂
    PS glad y’all r home too.

  2. Grace says:

    Haha My Rangers have been dismal this year. It’s been a hard year for us as fans. The years going to the series were even worse in some ways lol! To see the team you love make it to the last out and last strike and not win the whole thing. I still get a pit in the bottom of my stomach when I think of Nelson Cruz missing an easy fly ball. You see God showed me clearly that he was seeing fireworks before the catch. He thought we’ve won we’ve won but he still had to catch the ball. Ooppps!!!

  3. Robert Smith says:

    The Mariners are trying to ride the coattails of our Super Bowl champion Seahawks with the same mantra, “Why not me (or us)?”
    Last I heard, they got a wild card berth but they’ll really need to up their game if they want lightning to strike twice in the same year for Seattle – in terms of championships…

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