Date night


It’s been around for a while.

Yes, if you were wondering, we have a challenge to the women, and guys, you’re gonna love this!

Marti has designed the following:

Jesus is always challenging us to “Go Out” and my message is no different, except I want the women of our community to create a special date night that will surprise your husband or an important male friend (if you are unmarried) with an evening totally designed for him with you and no kids. Send me a selfie of the 2 of you as “proof of purchase” to

I’m not sure that’s what Jesus meant by “going out.” Chandler and his friends talk about who they’re “going out” with in the same way we used to use “going steady.” It always turns my head because they will say something like, “Jason and Sarah are ‘going out’,” and I always ask, “Where are they going?”, and they will look at me as if to say, “That’s not even funny.”

So Marti has employed the more traditional definition of going out by challenging the women to arrange for a date night.

Date nights are essential for marriages. If you can do it, the best thing would be to designate one night a week as date night. Marti and I do not set a very good example at this. Probably why she came up with it. She likes it so much and we rarely do it. We have a local theater in town and if I can, I will buy season tickets because that will at least guarantee those nights as date nights. Sometimes date night comes when we are at each other’s throats. No way you can keep that up. You have to let the argument go (and usually forget it by the end of the evening).

Most coffeemakers have instructions about running a solution through their system once a month to remove corrosion buildup from all the minerals and chemicals in the water. (A couple tablespoons of vinegar in a full pot of water works just as well.) Date night is like that.

Relationships have a certain corrosion buildup over time that needs the vinegar treatment — something that takes us away from the normal run-of-the-mill activities that foster bad habits over time. Even the best of relationships fall prey to corrosion. Date night is like a vinegar treatment for a coffeemaker. It’s corrosion prevention.

That’s why, if you take Marti up on her challenge and it goes well, you might want to look into how to make it a regular event in your schedule.

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6 Responses to Date night

  1. greg Krejci says:

    My wife and I have date morning. Every Saturday that I am not working we go out to breakfast , leaving our cell phones at home and have a leisure 3 hour breakfast. We talk about our week, talk about kids, and about us. Three hours of wonderful time. It’s the morning so I am not falling asleep on her. I am having my once a week coffee. It is great.

    • martifischer says:

      Greg – I am not a morning person like John and so perhaps this will by my surprise to him – breakfast at the local Johnny’s Cafe! He would love it! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. … And, for the guys who have never been married nor established an intimate relationship with anyone of the female persuasion, may you find cheer and even good-natured comfort from this…


    Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl “Will you marry me?”
    The girl said “No.”
    And the guy lived happily ever after and went drinking, golfing, & fishing a lot.
    The end.


  3. Tim says:

    Can we take anyone with us?
    Saturday we have a dinner and concert we are going to but our daughter and her boyfriend will be meeting us for the concert.
    After 40 years of knowing each other and 37 of them as married I have to say going to Walmart together counts as a date. She likes it that much if I go with her.
    Walmart I can take once in a while but if she wants a Mall she better find a friend or our daughter to go along with her.

    • martifischer says:

      Yes – of course you can take anyone. Dinner and a concert sounds quite lovely. Walmart, on the other hand is difficult for me to get my arms around, But then, big box stores make me feel like the stacked shelves are going to come down on me. For all of the love for John that I have, I really could not consider entertaining him in a big box for more than 5 minutes.

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