On the rocks

intruderWell, we thought today, with Obama’s new immigration laws about to whip up a political firestorm and Ferguson, Missouri, about to erupt into a racial one, that perhaps a bit of comic relief might be in order – sort of the calm before the dreaded storm. In light of that, by the way, it would be good for us all to be praying that these storms do not get out of hand, and that Christians familiar with the Gospel of Welcome and grace turned outward would be like rain on the fire. (More on that tomorrow.)

In the meantime, to our comic relief … and who better to provide it than our ever-entertaining daughter, Anne. It turns out she has been entertaining people for a while on our Facebook page with a picture of her climbing up on a rock off the coast of southern California usually reserved for sunning seals. It’s not the best picture in the world but you can make out Anne mounting the rock on the left and the ensuing commotion her presence has created among the seals who are all looking over at her undoubtedly wondering, “What the …?”

Now the likelihood of anyone else doing this in, say, the last hundred years or so, is very slim, so we can probably be pretty sure these slippery creatures haven’t had any visitors to their rock in quite some time – at least while they were on it – if ever. That would explain their apparent surprise.

“Is she doing what I think she’s doing?” I can imagine one seal saying. “That girl has a got some gall coming up here like that. Doesn’t she know this is Seal Rock?”

Actually, gall is one thing Anne has in abundance, otherwise she would not be able to be a trauma doctor. But she is, indeed, a good one. Yet, as smart as she is, she has been known to do some pretty dumb things, and walking up to a bunch of seals sunning on their personal rock in the middle of the ocean is definitely questionable as to its safety. Seals are usually pretty friendly, but I wouldn’t want to make one of them upset. After all, they are wild animals, not the cute, stuffed ones you can buy at Sea World.

Having not heard the whole story of what happened after this, we can only speculate, but I will say Anne is alive today and has all her limbs in proper working order.

Meanwhile, the picture has been fodder for humorous captions on Facebook and you can go there and add your own to the mix. So far we’ve got:

She’s training with the Navy Seals!

Did she get a “seal” of approval?

She’s picking out her Christmas seals.

Seals & Croft?

I’m sure this is not the end of it.

Actually, Anne spends a good deal of time in the ocean, both surfing and paddle boarding, and for that reason is on a first-name basis with a number of dolphins and seals. Had she not gone into the medical field, something in the maritime world could well have been her destination. She has an intuitive sense of understanding of the sea and sea creatures. So, most likely what really happened out there was something like: “Oh, hey guys, it’s Anne. Hi Anne, what’s up? Saw you out on your board earlier today. You had a nice cut on that left break. Lookin’ good, girl! Bark! Bark!”

We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made.

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2 Responses to On the rocks

  1. David Morgereth says:

    Hi John

    Gotta agree with you that this is not a smart move, and I’m not sure making light of it is the right response. Not only is not safe for Anne, but it also stresses out the seals. I’ve been to seal cove in La Jolla and have seen seals literally get sick to their stomach when people get too close.

    To your main point, I’m praying that the immigration and Ferguson “storms” you mentioned do not get out of hand…


  2. Susan Clarke says:

    Looking for that elusive “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”…good thing we have the “seal of approval” from our gracious Lord!

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