Just one moment

about-02I never would have imagined we would have a Mixed Martial Arts MTV championship fighter on our BlogTalkRadio show, but last Tuesday night we did. In MMA circles, Chad Robichaux (pronounced Ro-be-cho) is a star fighter. In our eyes, he’s a dedicated survivor of eight combat tours in Marine Corp Special Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, who almost didn’t survive the ensuing transition back into his marriage, family and civilian life — a rare exception to the 90% divorce rate among his returning comrades, and the 23 veterans of war who commit suicide … every day.

It’s these kinds of shocking statistics that have led Chad to begin a unique ministry to returning soldiers and their spouses, and among the 500 they have worked with in the last four years there has not been one suicide or one divorce. It’s an amazing turnaround, and a huge tribute to the power of God among soldiers who have been psychologically and emotionally damaged by the challenges of navigating wartime and civilian life. It’s also a successful program that has the U.S. military assigning to Chad difficult cases of severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that their own rehab programs have failed to serve. That’s because Chad’s 6-day program at their Mighty Oaks Warriors Camp in central California has been able to accomplish in 6 days what the government programs have failed to achieve in 6 months. It’s an incredible tribute to the saving power of the Gospel of Welcome.

My favorite quote from our fascinating interview was when Chad related how, when people marvel at what their program can accomplish in such a short period of time, he says, “It’s not 6 days; it’s one moment.”

One moment.

Chad Robichaux

Chad Robichaux

It takes only one moment to surrender a life to Christ. One moment to change allegiances. One moment to receive the forgiving power of the grace of God. One moment to step from death into life. That’s all it takes: One moment.

It only takes a moment to begin — one step in the right direction. It’s not a moment to perfection; it’s a moment to change a course. To head in a direction where there is forgiveness, love, hope, and most of all, power to change, relationships to help you stay on course, and resources to help you grow. That’s why Chad’s program is so successful. It doesn’t take 6 months; it doesn’t take 6 days; it doesn’t take 6 hours; it takes one moment.

How much time have you got?

To listen to our inspiring interview with Chad Robichaux, go to our BlogTalkRadio site where you can also find fascinating interviews with the likes of Os Guinness, Frank Schaeffer, Tony Compolo, and Leonard Sweet, plus the survivors of sex trafficking, gaming, AIDS and the genocide in Rwanda. If you haven’t discovered them yet, our interviews are a wealth of information, inspiration, and teaching, as well as being downright entertaining. It’s a huge secret that needs to be let out of the bag! And tune in on your computer every Tuesday night at 6 pm, Pacific to listen live. That’s the most fun. (You can call in and talk to us, too!)

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  1. Wow, that is awesome. Will definitely try to listen later (when I’m not making work calls).

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