It’s all about connecting

thOkay my friends. One more post and we’ll put this “fun” thing to rest, at least for now. I didn’t realize it was going unearth so much from everyone. I didn’t realize I would be grappling like this. Now maybe I can start getting the Catch out on time again!

I said it in yesterday’s Catch, but I wanted to pull it out and say it a little louder.

It’s all about connecting.

The real fun is in connecting with others, entering into their fun, and losing yourself in the process. It’s basically joining humanity, and “gnostic” Christians like me don’t do that very well. It’s been hammered into us from day one that our problem is our depraved humanity, and one day we’ll get free from all this, but until then, we’ll muddle through somehow. Wow, doesn’t that sound like fun? No wonder Marti doesn’t want to be around me sometimes; I wouldn’t want to be around me. Come on, it’s a drag that I have to be around me!

The way out of myself is the way into someone else. Yet I am often so self-conscious around others — especially unbelievers — that I can’t get around myself. I’m not listening to them. I’m wondering what I’m going to say next so as not to look dumb. The problem with this is I’m still in my own head. I’m thinking about me — what I look like … what I say … what I say next … I’m acting like it’s all about me. Where is this other person? I wouldn’t know because I’m too into myself to listen.

Stop it. Stop the tape running in the head and listen. What person alive doesn’t want to talk about themselves? Get into them. And if they want to know about you, well then, there you go. They asked. But even then, it’s still about them. Talk about the part of you they are interested in. If you want to talk totally about yourself with no regard for the other person, go to a psychiatrist. That’s what they get paid for.

Sorry for being so elementary — most of you already know this, I’m sure — but we “gnostic” Christians have got to learn some basic human things that we missed so long ago.

So I’ll repeat … it’s all about connecting. You have definitely connected with me!

Below are some lyrics to a song I wrote almost 20 years ago. That’s the problem with being prophetic. I knew this song was right when I wrote it; I just didn’t know why. Too bad I didn’t get more of it then. I could have been a much more happy person to be around.

And suddenly there was with me an ocean of humanity
A sea of many faces in waves of warm embraces
And while I questioned how to judge them all —
Who would rise and who would fall —
I found myself among them
And it mattered little who was wrong or right
And then I saw Him lifted up —
The wounded One who drank the cup
Of death for all the dying — the end of justifying
And I laid my mantle on the ground
And felt the rain come pouring down
The rain of my religion
Falling down like weeping from the sky

You’re not the only one with truth
You’re not the only one with eyes
You’re not the only one — the only one who cries
You’re not the only one

For a free download of this song click here.

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14 Responses to It’s all about connecting

  1. Awesome song! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    I too along w/ kfd&p wold like to thank-you Pastor John 4 the song & these Catch’s – got a lot out of them….

  3. “Connecting” with others is really not a choice we have. We’re all connected with one another whether we want to be or not – forever.
    We can try to deceive ourselves about our connection(s) to others by attempting to deny or sever our past or present relationships but as long as there is some memory, some stirred emotion, some remnant of a “Butterfly Effect” from people or civilizations long-past – we’re still all undeniably connected.

    Why do we refuse to choose to make the best of it??

    Unlike the wiring in our electrical outlets, God has wired humans to remain permanently connected with each other – and Him – throughout eternity. Nothing can switch off that power.
    How we choose to utilize that power, though, is granted to us and the fuses in our internal fuse boxes are ours to turn on, switch off, or pull out. Oftentimes, we blow our fuses in one way or another but thank God He has plenty of replacements to last a lifetime!
    The Source of the Power is always with us even though we may have disconnected the fuse and blindly convinced ourselves that we – or others – are trapped forever in darkness or powerlessness.

    I saw a story on NBC News last night that really brings home the impact of relationships as observed by a once-healthy 12-year-old boy who lost the ability to walk, to eat on his own, and, eventually, his ability to communicate.
    His parents were told he was unaware of the world around him and that they should take him home to die.
    About four years after he fell ill, he began to “wake up.” and could see and hear everything… but he was trapped in a body that wouldn’t move – and those around him weren’t even aware that he was conscious and cognizant of everything and everyone around him.

    Here’s the story from that broadcast:

    “Never underestimate the power of the mind, the importance of love and faith, and never stop dreaming,… Treat everyone with kindness, dignity, compassion and respect, irrespective of whether you think they understand or not.”
    – Martin Pistorius

  4. I do not engage in connection ever since what happened to me, a long story, however, God refuses to let me be. He gave me a child forcing me to connect with His creation, I have no choice in the matter since the Master has His way. I labor everyday with a burden I don’t want, the life I once had is long forgotten except, He keeps bringing it back by those who remember my past. Sometimes it takes some who remembered who I was and who I am today. I lay forgiveness at His feet for those who did me harm, I’m nothing but a drunk that prefers to be distant and afar. Some day when I lay my head and the voices and dreams still come through ans my feet hit the ground, I reply, Yeah I still remember you! Thank you for this day, will you join me in this day, not like somethings gonna change, because I stay in my room all day. It’s nice to know at 3 o’clock I get a glimmer of life, it’s my son coming home who You filled with life. I thought this week-end would be quiet as it always is, but No, my son has a friend, have to pick him up wouldn’t you know. Thinking you can disconnect is truly not an option, God gives more chances to those even when you want to stop, He opens those doors that you want to close and drags you if he must, so you can learn to live and love again if it’s all at cost. Colleen

    • Mark Seguin says:

      Prayers 4 u Colleen… 🙂

      • Thank you Mark appreciate them, but I am okay! I write stuff and moreso now since I make get my ticket out 😉 It happens to the best of us, but hey nothing is concrete and the above post is me, but so is this one:
        Living without Jesus is not where I wanna be,
        for there’s no one in the world, to be here to come and comfort me.
        I didn’t wake up in this morning to feel so all alone and to find the devil
        test me and condemn at your throne.
        My life has always been a challenge and I worked all issues through,
        and people called the things you showed me, that it’s works, but just not You.
        How come they know you better, I’m not an educated (wo) man, all I did was read your
        word and tried to follow your plan.
        When do we come together and try to work as one? So when can we give the glory, to
        who said the work is done.
        I pray you lift me up and those around me too! We are here just to worship, We believe
        in you. So hear our praise as we reach out to our brothers, living in the commandment, to just love one another.

    • jwfisch says:

      Wow. Talk about letting us in on the process … This is beautiful in what it expresses. Thank you.

  5. Kevin says:

    Often we (and I mean men mostly by we here) are too focused on the task at hand, or the job that needs done; and specifically get caught up in the “I gotta do this” way of thinking. If we take the time to stop and connect, involve others by inviting them in, we get to have fun while accomplishing the task or completing the job. Thing is, then it doesn’t get done “our way”.

    Truth is most of the time when we involve others we not only have fun, we learn new things (and new ways of doing things we thought we already knew the best way to do), and we make new friends (or strengthen friendships we already had); and usually the thing we are doing ends up being done better than it would have if we continued on our own.

    Sometimes it will take longer to get the thing we were doing done, but not often, and when it does it is because of the fun we had along the way. And the joy we will carry forward from this event is absolutely awesome!

  6. And some times Kevin, you never know what a little thing is important to another. When I worked at the Cancer Center there was this lady that I saw almost weekly for her chemo treatment. Mostly I did a finger-stick on her and would put a circle band-aid on the wound and draw a smiley face. One day my co-worker was out sick and I was very busy, so I did the finger stick and rushed to the next patient, only for that ‘lady’ to come back and ask me for the smiley face, because she really needed it ‘that’ day! Sometimes people forget what truly matters and religion has nothing to do with it! Faith is more powerful than a denomination when it comes to helping someone, but some people don’t get it!

  7. Sandie says:

    John – those almost twenty years between the writing of that song and now were not wasted, you know. You instinctively ‘knew’ something then…it took those years for you to experience life and catch up to what you knew. Going back to another song of yours…you can’t offer a cool drink to quench another’s thirst if you’ve never been thirsty. You have to experience the thirst yourself, know what it feels like to yearn for relief and renewal…only then can you recognize that yearning in another and respond.
    As a prophet you carry a weighty burden. You always see beyond what is on the surface, and in the seeing, you know you are now responsible for what God is showing you. I remember the weight that was lifted from MY heart when I first came across your book, Real Christians Dance! I had been listening to what older, more mature believers were telling me…struggling within myself…reading your words set me on the path I am still walking today…FREE in Christ.
    Really, who has more reason to have fun than the believer? Something to dance about, eh?!

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