The artist

th-6You’ve heard the story of the young kindergartener who, when asked by her teacher what she was going to create for her art project, proudly announced she was going to draw a picture of God. To which the teacher announced, “But no one knows what God looks like.”

“They will in a minute,” came the bold reply.

Perhaps I like this so much because it reminds me of my own daughter, who, at about the same age, when confronted by the teacher about using her brush improperly, replied, “Well, I’m the artist!”

They’re both right, you know. The kindergartner is about to paint what God looks like to her, in her imagination, and she will be right because she is the artist. Not that God is relative to everyone’s idea of Him, but that He is so multifaceted that no one picture can capture all of Him, nor can all of the pictures together sum Him up. It is the picture painted by all of us that brings Him great glory. That’s why He made us.

Think on this today: We bring God to people, not only because are we are in His image, but because He dwells in us by faith.

What I love most assuredly about these statements is the audacity with which they are delivered. “Oh, they’ll know all right, because I am about to reveal Him to them,” and, as Anne said, in case there’s any doubt, “I’m the artist.” Would that we were all that confident about our ability to represent Christ to the world. You can be, you know, because you are the artist.

This was a major part of Christ’s role while on earth—to represent God to the world. “He who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Our task is no less significant. If part of Jesus’ purpose was to reveal God to us, part of ours is to reveal Jesus to others. “Christ in you, the hope of glory,” Paul wrote.

What a great thing to focus on as we prepare to do anything—go anywhere—see anybody… “No one knows what God looks like?” we can say to ourselves, “But they will in a minute… because I’m the artist.”

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