Drag me out

Boy, do I understand this.

I didn’t realize it at first until I kept reading one of our member’s comments, because I was so intrigued by its honesty and its beauty, and discovered she was a poet. I took out all the punctuation and started to play with the words on a page, and, sure enough, a poem emerged.

I decided to share it with you today because I think many of us feel this way. I do. I don’t want to connect with anyone much of the time. But the Lord pulls me out.

You can meet the Lord alone, on your own, but only to a point. Much of what God wants to teach us and show us about Himself is revealed only in relationship with others. His will is for all of us to be one — one with Him, as He is one with the Father. You can’t do that by yourself.

But it’s a struggle. For some of us more than others. The growth we need comes from bumping and crashing into each other — becoming softened in the process — finding God in our own need, and in the provision He offers through others. This is the only way we grow. It’s the “iron sharpening iron” of friendship the Bible talks about. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).

Our fellow Catch member has captured the reality of that struggle in this poem, so I share it with you as an encouragement to enter into life, to love, to relationships and all God has to offer us in and through them.

Drag me out

I do not engage in connection
ever since what happened to me
a long story
God refuses to let me be
He gave me a child
forcing me to connect
with His creation
I have no choice in the matter
since the Master has His way
I labor every day with a burden I don’t want
the life I once had is long forgotten
He keeps bringing it back
by those who remember my past
it takes some who remembered
who I was
and who I am today
I lay forgiveness at His feet
for those who did me harm
I’m nothing but a drunk
that prefers to be distant and afar
some day when I lay my head
and the voices and dreams still come through
and my feet hit the ground
I reply
I still remember You
Thank You for this day.
Will You join me in this day
Not like something’s gonna change
because I stay in my room all day
It’s nice to know at 3 o’clock
I get a glimmer of life
It’s my son coming home
who You filled with life
I thought this weekend
would be quiet
as it always is
but no
my son has a friend
have to pick him up wouldn’t you know
thinking you can disconnect is truly not an option
God gives more chances to those 10259354_798113870200369_8406999562266085502_n
even when you want to stop
He opens those doors
that you want to close
and drags you
if He must
so you can learn to live
and love again

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9 Responses to Drag me out

  1. Sandie says:

    I learned a long time ago…it’s easier for me, like Peter, to ‘get out of the boat’…before He (God) forces me out by tipping it over. I’ve floundered around, sank some times, gotten confused and disoriented by wind and waves and water…but you know what? I’ve survived, and discovered two important things…first, I’m not alone….He’s with me and there are plenty of others like me in the water…second, He will never let me drown and will always faithfully lead me to safety.
    I’ve found a richer life experience diving into the depths, as opposed to being content with the relative safety of bobbing along on the surface of life.
    Because of this, many times God has used me as the instrument of ‘dragging’ another into their life. Sometimes – alright, most times – they’re not too happy about it, but so many times I’ve received gratitude that I persisted.
    But the truth is, I can only persist because for me, there is no other choice.

  2. Ann says:

    Todays poem written from a members comments made me weep. They could have been written from my own life. I, too, was blessed with a son at a time when I was in a horrible place and I’m not sure I would have survived this world had it not been for him. I am weeping as I type this, thinking of that hard time in my life. Yes, God is good and brings us what we *need* to bring us closer to him in spite of ourselves. After 2 failed marriages, I finally met the love of my life (31 years married) and my son is married to a wonderful woman that brings out the best in him and together they gave us a beautiful granddaughter. Life CAN be good when you allow God to bring you through to the other side and don’t resist. Thank you for todays post, John. It hit me in the heart.

  3. My sister is a beautiful poet, isn’t she? We were out today celebrating life and dealing with medical issues. Life goes on, continue to inspire others even when we can’t inspire ourselves. May God Bless Us ALL!

  4. To everyone I am very humbled and thankful of your kind words. Don’t know if it’s allowed, but want to share this with Ann if I may:
    The Beauty of the Rainbow
    May 1, 2014 at 8:21pm
    Laying in my bed listening to the pitter patter of the rain,
    to rise up in the morning to see the sun again
    Over in a distance the promise still displayed,
    that God is always with us, even if we strayed

    The Lord paints the rainbow for us through each season
    yet you see the colors without rhyme or reason

    Springtime is new life with buds and plenty of green
    giving new hope for those who lost another dream
    Then summer comes red hot, to remind us we have
    walked through the fire
    He is the Lord our God, He knows of our desires

    Fall sets in and again we receive the rainbow,
    but they come in the changing of the leaves, before the
    wind does blow

    Now winter is the best color yet, for white is the snow
    for we are washed in the Lamb, the beauty of the rainbow.

    May the Lord bestow His blessings upon each and everyone.

    Again I am very humbled by your thoughts and prayers John Fischer, so very kind of you

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