John and Eve

... and he did eat.

… and he did eat.

If I have a pretty good feeling about a particular Catch I’ve just written, I will read it to Marti. If I’m not sure, I’ll have her read it herself, and then break the news to me. If it’s already out, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. My style of writing Catches is pretty scary that way. You don’t have much time to live with it, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

But yesterday I knew I had a good one, so I read it to her, and she was moved, especially by the last sentence. But she did have one problem. As you might guess, it had something to do with the Adam and Eve part. I made a point that we all had a crime committed against us because we were born into this mess. “Blame Adam. It’s all his fault. Or better yet, blame Eve; she’s the one who started it.” Up went the red flag. You can guess what was coming.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “Who’s supposed to be responsible? We’re the more vulnerable sex, you know. Isn’t that what it says somewhere?”

“It says you are the weaker sex.”

“I prefer vulnerable,” she said. “Isn’t that what it means anyway?”

“I suppose so,” I said, already not liking where she was going with this.

“Anyway, where was Adam? Wasn’t he supposed to be protecting her? She was by herself when Satan tempted her … alone and vulnerable.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe he was doing the lawn. You aren’t saying they were supposed to be together every moment of every day, are you? Besides, they were innocent. There was nothing to protect her from. They were not aware of any danger.”

“But there obviously was danger. They just didn’t know it. It doesn’t really matter, because they ate the fruit together.”

“I think it says she ate of it, and gave it him, and he did eat.”

“Yes, he did eat, according to your King James English. And who was responsible for that? Certainly not Eve, I hope.”

“No way,” I said emphatically. “Adam was totally responsible, and I would have done the same thing.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because whatever it was to mean, I couldn’t stand not being with you.”

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10 Responses to John and Eve

  1. Ha ha. I didn’t get to read yesterday’s. I figure, we’ve all got a mind of our own. And we all choose not to use it, pretty equally. Some choices have more consequences (or more immediate consequences) than others. But I think we’re all pretty even in the # of bad choices we make.

  2. Andrew P. says:

    You probably know that “where Adam was” is a point of theological debate. It does kind of sound like he was right there watching, like the passive idiot most of us guys are. He SHOULD have been protecting, like Marti said, but he wasn’t. We don’t know exactly why. But if he came along after the fact, it remains true that he should not have eaten. To me, one of the most intriguing speculations (that’s all we’ve got, after all: speculation) is what would have happened if he, discovering the infraction after the fact, had asked God if he (Adam) could die in Eve’s place (rather than, as he did, just joining in). What would have happened then? What, in other words, if the first Adam had acted like the last Adam (see Romans 5)? Can we even imagine how that would have rewritten the history of the world? Regardless, we can be eternally thankful that God sent the second Adam (Romans 5, again) to make all things new!

    • jwfisch says:

      That is an amazing piece of speculation and something I’ve never thought about. That will definitely keep the cogs turning for a while.

  3. Kathy Willis says:

    I have to say John, Marti has taught you well! You were saved by that last line for sure!

  4. Tim says:

    Biblical stories like these are fun to dissect but are only tales passed on to help us understand God. I personally don’t believe there was a literal Adam and Eve but I do believe the story gives us an understanding that man fell. Apples or no apples all we have to do is read the paper and we can see humanity has fallen. Because we are all part of humanity we are all fallen. No need to blame anyone let’s figure out how to embrace the creator. Some of will see him in Christ and many won’t. The good news is that Christ died for all our sins. I have stopped trying to figure out who that doesn’t include. Come to my house and you’ll see the path I have followed or was called to is a road that leads to the cross.
    That’s the best I can do.
    On a lighter note if we can hang our problems on women I’m all for it but because we seem to have been patriarchal societies for most of human history I’m thinking Marti wins.

  5. Reading these last few days, I am resigning my position as a Christian and will not comment any further on your posts. I am wishing you and your family well and I will probably close my face book account as well. Hope you receive what you are looking for and may your God bless you. Good-bye

    • Shalom to you, Colleen …

    • jwfisch says:

      Leaving us is one thing; leaving Christ is another thing entirely. I hope you’ll rethink that one.

    • Kathy Willis says:

      I hope you will reconsider and at least continue to read The Catch – I am a not a Christian, but I do get new incite from time to time by reading the posts by members. I think everyone has something valuable to share even if it may not be what others want to hear. I’ve been searching for years, and the Catch is what I keep coming back to mostly because of the posts, and especially because I am accepted. As are you Collen. So please reconsider…

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