Just a job?

th-7One of our newest subscribers to the Catch, Bettina Rogers (mother of the other Chandler — the philosopher), wrote in her comment yesterday:

Right now we’re on our way to LAX, flying out to Japan for my husband’s very last flight before retiring from American Airlines. His pilot career there has spanned 37 years. I will also be working the flight … 35 years as a flight attendant. Friday we will be pulling in and saying our very last set of goodbyes to our passengers together at the deplaning door. Bittersweet … a day of joy, gratitude, emotion, and love. God is so great!

I like this for the passion with which these people have treated their jobs. Would that we all had this kind of commitment; that we would be so sad to see that last day come.

Perspective is everything, isn’t it? It could just as easily be: Oh my god, another twelve hours in the cockpit! This is the last time I have to put on a happy face for all those nameless people. Can’t wait until this is over!

Don’t you love the attention and enthusiasm these people have brought to their jobs? They have a holistic, spiritual outlook on everything. You would think this was a pastor saying good-by to his congregation. In a way it is, if he has, indeed, seen his job as sacred. That is his congregation, and you have one too, wherever you work.

My wife, Marti, used to be a flight attendant with United Airlines. A ticket agent we knew at that time used to say he could always tell when one of Marti’s flights was deplaning: Everyone, to the last man, walked off smiling.

Marti loves to tell the story of a year-and-a-half period of time in the early ‘70s, when she and another Christian flight attendant would book the same schedule and pray before every flight for someone to introduce to Christ, and someone, already a Christian, who would encourage them. Because of this, they always booked the schedules with the shortest legs so that they could work the most flights a day — usually around five. And she loves to report that God honored that prayer each and every time. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 people she personally introduced to Jesus Christ!

This is what it means to see all of life as sacred, and see your job as a mission field.

Congratulations to Bettina and her husband for so many years of faithful service. Since when does anyone have “just a job?”

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5 Responses to Just a job?

  1. bobenearSeattle says:

    Today, May 7th, is my 25th anniversary working for the same Agency in Law Enforcement.
    There have been ups and downs both internally and externally but no two days ever exactly alike.
    I’m grateful for the challenges and diversity each unique day has borne and, especially, every single soul God has brought onto His path for me. So many interesting persons – so many hurting and in search for acceptance, both out on the streets and within my own Agency.
    So many encouragers and supporters, too.
    I am grateful to God for them all and for the opportunities He’s provided – especially, from the point of view of seeing people at both our worst and our best, in our weaknesses and strengths, through our tragedies and triumphs.
    I’ll retire in 2016 after 30-years in my profession but that doesn’t mean my ‘mission’ is over.
    Heck, it may just be really beginning!
    Thank You, Lord, for ALL of Your blessings in the long ago, in the present, and in the days to come… Amen.

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    Like to add “Congratulations to Bettina and her husband for so many years of faithful service.”

    Also to you bobemearSeattle for your 25 yrs. off faithful service to your community!
    PS I hope & pray this doesn’t offend anyone, because that is certainly not my intention to do that. I’m just so darn happy & pretty proud because didn’t listen to a lot peoples “advice” for trying to convince me not to “do & start” my own home-based business while I was working full time as an engineer. Very simple because every month since July of 1993 (when I started it) I’ve been paid every month since then and I have NOT received one red penny from my very expensive college engineering degree since my first stoke in May of 2001 – Reason: because it’s built helping others either make more time & money for themselves or saving time & money on purchasing those consumable products that everyone uses and needs to replace them again and again 4 the rest of their lives – therefore, I believe God can & does honor it… I’ll just not ‘say’ how much I get every month from it.. Hint: It’s not until to live on – Yet!!! Oh and plus according to Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”
    My monthly income that my Biz produces is will able & transferable to my Children’s Children – and I don’t have any Children, yet and if I ever do, I’ll let them know – hey look it’s my money and if you’d like it when I pass away, I’d very heavily suggest dont do too much to get me up-set, because I can leave to whoever i chose… which not a bribe. the dictionary defines a ‘bribe’ to do something evil – which is the very opposite of trying to get children to listen to their elders! 🙂

  3. Elaine says:

    My husband & I just sold our Irrigation Business last night…and like Bettina wrote in her comment it was “Bittersweet a day of joy, gratitude, emotion, and love.” To wake up this morning and read a Catch about this at this very moment in our lives is remarkable, it brought tears to my eyes. We are looking forward to the beginning of the next chapter in our lives.

  4. Awesome story! I am a freelancer so I encounter tons of different people. In one job, I deal with approx 200-250 advertisers each quarter. Nothing is ever just a job, at least not when you work in any way with another person, even if it’s just a phone conversation and/or an email. Always a chance to make a difference.

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