Video 004: Entertaining Angels.. with Lasagna?

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7 Responses to Video 004: Entertaining Angels.. with Lasagna?

  1. Sooo, I have to ask about this Angel visiting you…
    Did his name happen to be Albert?
    And was he wearing a tunic emblazoned with the number “5”?! 😉

    • Bob,I would not want to live with the emblem #5, seeing how the #5 means death. Don’t know if you studied the numbers at all, but just sharing. Blessings to you

      • jwfisch says:

        Bob is referring to Albert Pujols, star player for the Los Angeles Angels who wears #5 on his jersey.

    • jwfisch says:

      Ha! No (She) was a cute redhead. Looked a lot like Marti, actually.

      • Well, I figured so when I watched the videos but sometimes you never know – angels are pretty good masters of disguise!
        But, it was definitely not Albert, huh? I guess he IS busy with other things right now.
        Knowing how the redheads in your life just “LOVE” baseball, I also thought perhaps the angel in question might have donned an A’s uniform just to make Gideon’s mission a little bit more – um – appealing and intriguing! 🙂

      • jwfisch says:


  2. Actually I can relate other verses that are similar, but different with the same result. Remember the woman and son who only had just enough food, however, the Lord provided enough when an unexpected guest should up? Her cup overflowed. How about when He says, in us he will burn away the shaft and refine us?(iow keeps what’s good) I like the analogy, but this nut lives this daily. Yet, this lowly servant is asking for prayer, I came to the end of self and at the bend of the road( another story) ,but tomorrow 5/17th b4 my birthday am giving up the smokes, so hopefully everything won’t go up in smoke,lol! So for the 300 Gideon offering, I am surrendering this

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