We are Gideon’s Army

ghfdjsWe’re hardly an army
More like a ragtag militia of misfits  
We are nonprofessional fighters
Not the highly-trained elite soldiers
One is used to seeing in battle
Far from the green berets —
We are more like the blue ball caps

We are Dave … terminal …
First one to pray
Last one requesting it

We are Keith … conquering the world
From a wheelchair

We are Chandler, with unstable electrons
Beating against the walls of his heart
Trying to delay the call of God

We are Lisa … dotting i’s and crossing t’s
weighing carefully the words of truth

We are Merv … blind guide who sees better than the seeing
Seminary-trained knocker-down of strongholds
Praying back demons

We are Anne … first responder …
Acting first, while everyone else is still thinking about it.

We are Stephen …
Finding God as his greatest happiness

We are Christopher … Rock …
Like Peter: “Upon this … I will build”

We are Elizabeth … servant …
Lover of the Rock
God save the Queen

We are Melissa … Princess of pain
And Bare … barely there …
Letting go of himself as he holds her up

We are Rob … on the hill
Legislating grace in ungrateful times

We are Peter … with governors and kings
Fusing kingdoms and glorifying of God

We are JoDee … defying odds
Dancing in the dragon’s jaw

We are June …
Balancing little girls and broken hearts
Waiting for July

We are Gunnar …
Writing plainly on a tablet for all to see
And running with the message

We are Gary … marvel of stories
Writing the last chapter of his own

We are Marti … lonely leader only
Because she’s so far out in front

We are Darin … centering on God
From the center of the world

We are Grace …  touched by mercy
Anonymous no more

And with 280 others, all mentionable,
We are poised for battle
Juggling pots, horns and torches
Waiting to be broken
When the cry rings out
“For the sword of the Lord
And for Gideon!”

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4 Responses to We are Gideon’s Army

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    I am a proud member of the Catch’s & Gideon’s 300 Army and running hard to catch up to Marti… LOL 🙂

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