What you, I and Caitlyn Jenner are seeking

th-53Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7)

I am continually amazed when I realize that God threw out an open invitation to all to come closer to Him by asking, seeking and knocking. This is proof of the fact that in God’s desire for a relationship with us, He desires our participation. He created us with a need for Him and then turned us loose to find our way back to Him. And even though I believe that God is in charge of this journey (God’s sovereignty), I also believe that from our perspective, He has made it so that, for all we know, we initiate our responses to Him (Free will). Otherwise He would not have issued us an invitation. This is indeed part of the mystery of this unique and wonderful relationship we can have with God — it involves our choices and our desires as well as His.

So as well as asking, Jesus invites us to seek.

As longing souls, we fulfill our human destiny by seeking to find out who we are and why we are here. I take this as meaning a very broad seeking. I believe it includes seeking wisdom, knowledge, happiness, purpose, fulfillment and a host of other things I don’t have time to mention. I believe that in all these pursuits we are ultimately seeking God, and that we will ultimately find Him in them — find that He is behind all things — that in exercising our human desire to seek, we will ultimately end up finding God.

This includes all kinds of pursuits including the scientific method and our exploration of the universe. From seeking the perfect outfit to the perfect storm. From seeking to understand atomic fusion to understanding Caitlyn Jenner, the seeking process is ultimately seeking God in disguise.

No one in history has said it better than seventeenth century mathematician and religious philosopher, Blaise Pascal, when he wrote: “What else does this craving, and this helplessness, proclaim but that there was once in man a true happiness, of which all that now remains is the empty print or trace? This he tries in vain to fill with everything around him, seeking in things that are not there the help he cannot find in those that are, though none can help, since this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite and immutable object — in other words, by God himself.”

The very scientists who are saying there is no God are those who are discovering that there is something at the minutest core of all matter, holding it together; they just don’t know what it is. And Paul wrote, 2,000 years ago in the New Testament, “He [the Son of God] is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17)

So how does this work its way down to us? It means that the seeking process is never over even when we know God, because there is so much more of Him to be found and understood. So be curious; be inquisitive; read everything you can get your hands on, and encourage others to do the same, because whoever is truly seeking God will find Him no matter where they look.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

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3 Responses to What you, I and Caitlyn Jenner are seeking

  1. TimC says:

    A few years ago I heard a very well-known pastor (it might have been John Stott but I won’t bet my life on that) say that CS Lewis wrote something that goes something like this. (This is my paraphrase)…
    God made us to worship Him. And as such we are never more fullfilled than when we are worshipping Him.
    I wish I could find the actual quote. I have read several of CS Lewis’ works but haven’t found it yet. Nevertheless that is an incredible thought. Our relationship with God makes us complete like nothing else can.

    • Sandie says:

      “God Made Man To Worship” – sermon by A.W. Tozer?

      • TimC says:

        It could have been a Tozer sermon. I would sure like to find the actual CS Lewis quote. Or maybe we could get John to say something like it, and then instead of quoting CS Lewis we could quote John Fischer. That would work fine for me.

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