A wet connection

FullSizeRender 3It’s such a strange sensation for September in southern California. I woke up to a sound I couldn’t place at first. We’ve been in a heat wave so all our windows are wide open and the fan is on in our bedroom. I got up and walked around the house trying to place that sound. It was a sort of pinging sound that seemed to be coming from the open windows. Then I finally realized what it was. It was the sound of drops of water hitting our metal gutters. I had to go outside to confirm it. It’s raining. All the parched lawns of our town are getting watered today, and it’s not even a watering day. It’s Tuesday. You’re only supposed to water on Mondays and Thursdays. Tell God that.

The gutters are clattering. The roof is pounding. This is not a sprinkle; it’s not even a shower; this is rain. On my phone it predicts a 30% chance of rain for right now. If this is 30%, I’d hate to think what 100% would look like.

If you don’t live in southern California and you wonder why this is such a big deal, the average rainfall for Los Angeles in September is 0.2 inches. That’s the average for every September on record. According to a news report just now, we’ve received 8 times that in the last three hours since I’ve been up. I feel like I fell asleep and woke up in Seattle.

What makes this even more significant is the fact that we are in the middle of a severe West Coast drought. Lakes and reservoirs are at their lowest. Crops in the Central Valley are endangered. Snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is the lowest it’s been in 500 years. Every town has some kind of water rationing program going on. And I know exactly what the authorities will say about this. They’ll say this hasn’t even put a dent in the problem. They’ll say what we need is several feet of snow pack in the mountains that will melt next spring and start filling back the lakes and rivers. This is nothing.

Well, I beg to differ. This is something, and it’s something very personal to us. This is rain, and it is watering our lawn, our flowers, our bushes and our trees. That’s huge, because we could never put this much water on our yard right now without paying a fortune in fines for excess water usage. That’s the way they’ve been getting us to cut back, by penalizing us with higher prices above a certain level of use. God is giving us a very expensive gift. God is connecting with us at a point of need. God is personally overriding our sprinklers. He is watering our lawn, and right now, He’s more than watering it; He’s soaking it.

I must tell you that I look out the window right now and feel a connection.

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3 Responses to A wet connection

  1. C. Rogers says:

    This is beautiful.

  2. David Morgereth says:

    Many years ago, I was sitting in church during a downpour. As our pastor began his sermon, he paused, looked out the window and asked, “Do you hear the grace of God?” I don’t remember anything else he said that day, but that question has stuck with me ever since.

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