24 Green Street

24 Green St, Newbury, Massachusetts

24 Green St, Newbury, Massachusetts

The paint is old and peeling
The shutters show some cracks
There’s a heavy limb on the apple tree
That’s got to be cut back
There’s some water in the cellar
A little sagging in the floor
But this house has weathered many storms
It will weather many more

‘Cause I scraped away the peeling paint
And saw the wood was good and strong
And I found a firm foundation
Had been there all along
Ah there’s nothing here that a little work
And time can’t heal
‘Cause everything underneath
Is real

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Nerves are frayed and ragged
Patience is wearing thin
Words were said in fits of rage
That never should have been
We’ve bruised each other badly
And lost respect along the way
But there’s too much here worth saving
To throw it all away

‘Cause I scraped away the peeling paint
And saw the wood was good and strong
And I found a firm foundation
Had been there all along
Ah there’s nothing here that a little work
And time can’t heal
‘Cause everything underneath
Is real

There’s something to a little history. Even if it’s only a few years, it’s history. Something’s been proven over time. That’s a valuable thing.

Belief has a history. It builds over time. It survives pressure from without and doubt from within so that it has substance. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). It is, in itself, evidence. It was given to you, and it has survived over time.

Someone says, “Prove your faith,” and you say, “Faith is the proof.”

Someone asks, “Why do you believe?” and you say, “Because I do,” and they may think you’re nuts, but you are only speaking the truth. Faith is self-evident.

You didn’t create your faith. You didn’t talk yourself into believing. You heard, and you believed. Faith answered, from within, the call of truth. How did it get there? Where did it come from? That’s easy: God put it there. God spoke it into existence, just like He spoke the universe into being. God said “Let there be light,” into the chaos of a formless void, and the chaos of your heart (2 Corinthians 4:6). That’s why faith is its own proof. You never could have come up with this. That’s why people with faith have a hard time explaining why they believe to people who don’t. How can you understand what you don’t have, or can’t see?

That’s why faith becomes especially evident in difficult circumstances where it would not be expected. One would think difficult circumstances outside of one’s control would rule out faith. “How could a loving God let this happen?” I’m not going to answer that. I’m going to let someone else answer it from their answer to last Wednesday’s “Marti wants to know…” question.

Mellissa has contracted a serious nerve disease with, currently, no known cure. She and her devoted husband, Bare, have been to top doctors in the country and tried the latest in experimental drugs, to no avail. Mellissa’s middle name is Pain. Bare issued the following two paragraphs in answer to Marti’s question on the day before Thanksgiving: “Marti wants to know as you look around the room, who is missing and do you still love them?”

I immediately thought of Mellissa. Our Girl was once this super human machine that always went over and above at any job she had. We were once managers of Independent Retirement communities and the residents LOVED her. She would be going non-stop for our 14-hour days. When we were off, she did eBay. She loved projects. She taught children’s church. Made cookies and cakes for numerous people. On and on and on and on. I miss that girl. It breaks my heart to know how badly she still wants to do those things, but right now, it is not possible. In keeping with today’s Catch … all of that sucks!! The follow up question is, do I still love her?

That answer is YES. More and more as time goes on. The things her disease has taken from her, God has replaced with a deeper love than we ever had. And we have had wonderful love from the start of our relationship. We are also closer to Him than ever. I do believe God has allowed us in this season for many reasons we may never know. But our prayer is that it is just that — a season. No matter how long we are here in this season, we will give Him the praise!!  But we will also continue to pray for healing, and a move out of this season.

Most amazingly, God is never ”missing.”  Only because of His Grace, but He is always there and we will always love Him!!  – Bare and Melissa

Super-human strength couldn’t conjure up these reactions. This is a faith that grows stronger in uncertainty. The more you throw at it, the tougher it becomes. That’s because everything underneath is real.

Marti Wants to Know…

(pick either or both)

1. Just because you have gotten through many storms, what heavy limb on your apple tree needs to be cut back because it is not a matter of faith but dangerous and could cause harm before the next storm?

2. Even though you have weathered many storms, what is in your heart that you have held onto as rightfully yours, when all along the Lord is asking that you allow Him to reveal what is real?

Send me your answer:

We really mean this! (john.fischer@mac.com)

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One Response to 24 Green Street

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Luv today’s Catch as often do, yet got a great big blessing from reading Bare and Melissa testimony!

    And let me plz add today’s Catch made me think of this, from a man that highly respected & loved in my Amway business would often say: “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” 🙂

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