A Thrill of Hope



A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new glorious morn

It created a shudder through the galaxy — a breaking story that rocked all worlds. It rippled through the stars and slapped against the edges of the universe. It was The Event time was waiting for. Hush. It’s about to crack the sky and spill out onto a Palestinian hillside, only to be wasted on a handful of shepherds, the only ones invited to the party. We wouldn’t have even known if they hadn’t told us. But who can trust the words of a few lowly sheep herders? God could have orchestrated anything, and He chose to do this. He’s always been somewhat secretive. It’s His style.

It’s His style to be secretive and invite us to seek. This time, however, HE HAD TO TELL SOMEBODY! Something gloriously impossible busted in on this weary world and boy, do we need it.

We desperately want some good news. So much evil, hate, hunger, disease, poverty, malnutrition, injustice, unrighteousness, atrocity and hopelessness in the world, and that’s just the front page section. It is truly a weary world leaning on its axis — seeming like it could fall and not get up.

That’s why Hope is so thrilling. It’s unprecedented; unexplainable. There is no logical explanation for it. Why did God let things get so bad? I can’t answer that, but I can say that, for whatever reason He did, He broke in on it with something good. And that one event brought a hope nothing can conquer.

Christ made evil temporary; good, eternal.
Unrighteousness may have its day; righteousness is forever.
Injustice seems to be holding court, but the final verdict is just, and God will repay.
This momentary affliction is working for us an eternal weight of glory.
The poor now will soon be rich.
Fear is fleeting; hope is eternal.
Love will win; hate will lose.
Sorrow is passing; joy is lasting.
The last will be first.
Losers will be winners.
Satan’s power is passing; Christ’s power is here to stay.

All of this was made possible on that one holy night, when Christ was born, and a thrill of hope set off a chain of events that will culminate in ultimate victory for the forces of good in heaven and on earth. None of which would be possible without The Event — The Advent, that is. This is our story — this is our song — and you can bank on that.


ADVENT QUESTION (Marti wants to know…)

The hope you hold would be a wonderful gift for someone this Christmas. Keep your eyes wide open, look for the person who reaches out to you today, and gladly give the gift the of life freely.


  • Post and Tweet a question on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Use #CatchAdvent.
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