Everybody’s Catch


Ebenezer Scrooge’s first visitor took him back in time for a look into his former life. For Scrooge, as it would be for any of us, this trip was for the purpose of discovering the  choices, both good and bad, that helped contribute to making him the person he was.

A look into the history of the Catch reveals a website that was originally a spin-off of John’s daily devotional for Purpose-Driven. The Catch retained the essential theme: to teach, encourage and build up the body of believers and connect the disenfranchised.
With the creation of the Board of Directors in December 2012 and a Marketing Plan approved in July 2013, however, the Catch became Catch Ministries, Inc., with aspirations of becoming something more than a daily text devotional. The plan entailed expansion in every direction towards more engagement with its audience by the adoption of an identity as an online community.

Today the Catch is unrecognizable compared to its beginnings including social media, audio Catches, podcasts with an array of prominent guests, chat interaction, a 24/7 interactive prayer ministry, a discipleship ministry providing “boots on the ground” to over 141 countries the Catch presently serves, one-on-one counseling to well over 200 people a month, and a personal ‘triage’ that connects members to its network of local ministries.

Today it’s everybody’s Catch. We go to our past to be reminded we belong to each other, and in that belonging, we find meaning and expression. We are a network of believers and seekers, embracing each other’s differences while holding to the one true gospel — the Gospel of Welcome. Grace turned outward.th-15

Your end-of-the-year contribution today helps us continue to serve this online community and build towards the future. We have only scratched the surface of what we can do. Don’t delay. Only one more day for your 2015 gift!



David, Orangeville, Ontario CANADA
Cynthia, Harlingen, Texas
Ryc, Ventura , California
Lisa, Sunland, California
Herb, Blue Mountain, Mississippi
Marisa, Manila, Philippines
Paul, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Mark, Inkster, Michigan
Susan, Quincy, California
Mayre, Rohnert Park, California
Barbara, San Jose, California
Olen, Highland, California
Dan, Placentia, California
Linda, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Mark, Raleigh, North Carolina
Rick, Phoenix, Arizona
David, Fort Worth, Texas
Kermit, Williamsburg, Virginia
Susan, Knoxville, TN
James, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina
Dolan, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
David, Sunnyvale, California
Tom & Nancy, Oakland California
Kent, Bryan, Ohio
Laura, Campbell, California
Gary, Sidney, Ohio
David, Lakeville, Minnesotta
Linda, Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
(And Linda writes: Thank you and your prayer warriors for standing in the gap with me for my family during the past year. God bless you all.)

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