From monochrome to Kodachrome


Chandler’s home. Not for good, but for the weekend. More frequent “home visits” are a sign of how well he is doing.

Our son is, quite simply, a different person. This is not our doing. It’s not the program he’s going through. It’s Chandler, and a miracle he is finding alive inside of himself.

When a person looks at a situation and suddenly sees a whole different side of it from what they saw before, that is a miracle. That’s a massive shift inside of a person that can’t be created or manipulated. That’s where the miracle is. That’s where our prayers are answered.

Chandler has a clear head and a heart that wants to do right. He’s making plans, seeing options he never saw before, even wanting to warn his friends about the path they are on, that it is going nowhere except to Juvenile Hall where one of his best friends is right now. And this is a friend who also went away to a treatment center but came back the same person. Proof that it’s not just the program; it’s what you meet the program with. Chandler met the program as a challenge, and in that challenge found something inside him he didn’t know was there. He quite simply found the Lord, and in doing so, found himself.

Now when he comes home, he can see the trap. He was trapped in a monochromatic world when there was a myriad of colors all around him. He was in the darkness with a light shining in his face. How do you change that? How do you make someone see what they can’t see? You can’t. It takes a miracle. It’s what God means when He says He opens some eyes and closes others. It’s not all up to us. That’s why we pray. There are things beyond our control. God has to turn the light on; God has to open someone’s eyes. That’s why we pray, because this kind of change is God’s business and prayer is pretty much the only way we can touch God’s business.

Touch God’s business today. Pray. When someone needs to open their eyes, that’s about all you can do. Our Prayer Warriors are standing by. This is serious business. We’re not just playing games.

Wide angle, more than what I used to see
Wide angle, more than what is near to me
Where I once was afraid to open up my eyes
Now this wide angle has turned my fear into surprise
– John Fischer from the song “Wide Angle”

A man once brought to Jesus his son who was possessed by a spirit that robbed him of his speech and threw him into intense seizures. The man said he had asked Jesus’ disciples for help but they had been unable drive out the spirit. Jesus then lamented a faithless generation and drove the demon out of the child, presenting him to his father. Later, when the disciples asked why they had been unable to do that, Jesus replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer.” (Mark 9:29)

Think about that. If the Son of God could only do some things by prayer, where do we get off thinking we can do anything without it?

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5 Responses to From monochrome to Kodachrome

  1. Sue says:

    Thank you, thank you for the Catch today…it’s what I so needed to read today……a miracle for her eyes to be opened to see what she cannot see, I cannot do anything but pray. Often, I fail and think I can do something myself! So thankful for the Prayer Warriors who are praying 24/7..what a blessing!’ So good to hear about Chandler….miraculous!!!!

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    Dear Pastor John thank-you again 4 another great Catch! While reading this: Regarding Chandler “He quite simply found the Lord, and in doing so, found himself.” and this too: “…was trapped in a monochromatic world when there was a myriad of colors all around him.” That sooo much brought back some great memories of just how I felt for weeks, month and a few years after I was saved and met the Lord – thx for that I NEEDED to remind myself!

    A song that been in my head or heart today is “Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the way…”

    Thank-you God for the wonderful work You’re doing in Chandler’s life, so GLAD he doing the work to find you – Bless him , Pastor John and his gorgeous wife Marti – I pray… 🙂
    PS Prayer can & does change our World – Amen!

  3. Tim says:

    So glad to hear the good report on Chandler.
    I’m really enjoying the Catch.
    This is my only constant source of spiritual encouragement and I find it amazing you can write something everyday and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet! (it’s several years now)
    What year did you start the Catch? Is it possible that I’ve been reading this for 8 years?
    Thank you!

  4. Awesome devotion. Awesome news about Chandler. Praying your weekend will be very special for everyone.

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