Grace, and nothing else


There are no caste systems in grace. “Grace turned outward” means we all live from the same vulnerable place.

Grace is undeserved favor. You can’t take any credit for it. You can’t boast in it. You can boast about receiving it but not in a way that leaves anyone out, because you become like everyone else when you receive it. You can’t receive grace and then step up to a notch on the social scale. To receive grace is to put you on a par with all regular sinners. Nothing special about you.

Nor is there a lower level of grace for extra-bad sinners who therefore need an extra measure of it. No stepping down either. We are all equal under grace — equally undeserving, equally sinful, equally amazed. Grace doesn’t leave anyone out. Since grace is totally undeserved, then we all have equal access to it.

Grace cancels out any judging or measuring. Jesus told us not to judge because then we would be judged. He told us that whatever we measure out, will be measured back to us (Matthew 7:1,2). Consequently, anyone who judges or continues to measure anyone’s righteousness or lack of it, is unacquainted with grace. If you can’t give out grace, you never got it. If there is anyone you can think of who is more undeserving than you of God’s grace, then you have not received grace for yourself.

You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to receive grace and then turn around and judge someone. Perfect grace casts out all judgment.

This is why grace, by its very nature, has to be turned outward. You don’t just receive it for yourself. Once you receive grace you see everyone else differently. You lose the log out of your eye. You see clearly for the first time in your life. You see that God wants everyone else to have it, too, and you want everyone to know.

And suddenly there was with me an ocean of humanity
A sea of many faces in waves of warm embraces
And while I questioned how to judge them all
Who would rise and who would fall
I found myself among them
and it mattered little who was wrong or right.
– from the song, “Not the Only One” by John Fischer

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2 Responses to Grace, and nothing else

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    You did it again, Pastor John in just brought back a memory that caused a few tears to roll down my cheeks.. You see back when a few days or maybe a week or so after I had accepted Jesus in my heart and still not really understanding jus what had happened to me, so while over this next door neighbor’s garage (where I first learned how to paint cars) he asked me about how he had heard about me going to Church. (He had been raised in a Baptist Church) He asked me why am I doing that? I remember saying I’m not really sure, to tell ya the truth, but everything seems different to me now…

    He chuckled and said Mark, yep your saved… I remember this was the first time outside of the Church and my parent’s house that I told someone about how I had received God’s grace and knew I didn’t deserve it – and back then I’m not sure if I even wanted it either… LOL 🙂

    There’s no other word 4 grace other then Amazing! 🙂

  2. Grace is the Spirit of God. Given that we may all live in it. The grace of God, is the love of God. That we may give, as it is given to us. The word of God is the grace of God, sent down from heaven. That we may become one in it. This was the grace of God, that his son. Was to come down from heaven. To die for our sins. That we may have eternal life. That we may have eternal life with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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