Right on time

Well the light in the world may be dimth-11
But the light of Christ has always been
He will shine; right on time.
And just when you think your hope is gone
And you’re feeling like you can’t go on
He will shine; right on time.
– From the song, “Right On Time” by John Fischer

Without realizing it, our theme, for a few days now, has been about God being in control. From a baseball player trying to gain control of the ball, bringing chaos to order, to a scary surgery with risks, God is in control. Even though it seems like the world is flying apart, God has the world right on schedule.

Jesus said that the end would come at a time when, if He didn’t come and end it, no one would be saved. And He’s not talking about eternal salvation there; He’s talking about human life. He meant that if He didn’t come, we would destroy all human life on this planet. Though that might have been hard to imagine when He said it, it’s not so hard to imagine now, is it? It might be a comfort to some to know that things getting worse means we’re getting closer to things getting better — much better.

Two weekends ago, when Chandler and I were in New York state, I preached in my college roommate’s church on Sunday. I talked on a passage I wouldn’t have picked except that they were in a series on the Gospel of Mark and chapter 13 was up. Well, chapter 13 is where Jesus talks about the end of the world, including the comment about cutting the days short. It impressed upon me again the importance of watching for the Lord’s return. Jesus wants us to live every day with the knowledge that His return is imminent. We actually sanctify ourselves in this process by remembering that this isn’t all there is. This is not “pie in the sky, by and by;” this is now. This is how we live now. Be on the lookout. Watch.

In regards to having things under control … right now, as I face today, I feel like the ball is rattling around in the right field corner and I’m having a hard time tracking it down. But I will eventually get it, throw the ball in to the cutoff man, and order will be restored. The enemy will not be able to advance. This much we know, because God is in control.

Finally, by way of reminder, in my absence for surgery, this posting will be in the capable hands of my friend and mentor, David Roper. In an email to me yesterday, referring to taking care of things while I am gone, he recounted the following, which will give you a little insight into his delightful character.

“I came back from a trip many years ago and was praying with Carolyn afterward, thanking God for “taking care of things while I was away.” Carolyn chuckled and responded with a twinkle in her eye: “Who do you think takes care of things while you’re here?” Touché. He will indeed take care of things while you’re away!”

See, I told you that you would like him!

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7 Responses to Right on time

  1. Julie Banks says:

    Praying for both you and Marti as you have your surgery and go through your recovery. Looking forward to hearing how God shows up for you during this time!

  2. Lois Taylor says:

    Blessings on you and the family. In addition, blessings on the doctor and his staff who will be doing the surgery. They need God’s blessings, too. May they get rest and comfort before they work. Our God is right on time.

  3. Mark Seguin says:

    Prayrs 4 Marti & you…
    PS and Pastor John I get a pretty feeling if u & Marti like David Roper, so will I and the Catch family… 🙂

  4. John, it sounds like Carolyn would be just as effective a stand in as David! We will be praying for your recovery. May God guide the doctor’s hands and give wisdom and insight.

  5. Sue says:

    Will be keeping you both in prayer for a quick and full recovery.

  6. Brien Webster says:

    Our prayers are with you and Marti.

    You are right … our family has loved David (and Carolyn) for a LOT of years!

  7. GITTA says:

    another great CATCH. I love that you mentioned the imminent return of our Lord.
    that has been in all my readings lately– and it does change the way we live.

    Praise for your ‘example’ of trusting God with all– believing He is in control of all
    as many of us are in the midst of trials. I am praying along with the rest of the CATCH
    family for your surgery & recovery & your entire family– and for ‘nurse Marti’.
    My husband had a bell to ring after one of his surgeries as he could not speak afterwards–
    He recovered well–but I am surprised the bell survived…..

    The words to your songs are simply amazing– they read like poetry–
    have you thought of putting them in ‘book form’ ?

    Thank you especially for the last few CATCH devotions–& again your personal sharing.
    praise for your road trip with Chandler.

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