A Note from Marti from John’s Bedside

IMG_1779First, I want to thank everyone for their prayers for John’s recovery. Not only does God always hear our every prayer, John heard your prayers for him. Please check out John’s Facebook page dating from March 23rd to last night, where you can ride the roller coaster with us and maybe even recognize how Lord’s power has moved throughout this past week in the most unexpected ways and within the strangest places.

Please welcome our very beloved friend, Dave Roper, who is filling in for John until John returns to his writing, which will probably be next Monday. Dave is a believer in the real and active Headship and Lordship of Christ over His people (in reality, not just as a doctrine); the ministry of all God’s people (not just pastors); making disciples; the thorough exposition of the Scriptures; and operation under the New Covenant (of Christ’s adequacy for every situation). He is a most gracious man who with great humidity would say his life can be attributed only to the faithful leading of our Lord. “The mistakes,” I can imagine him saying, “are all mine; the victories all His.” Check out Carolyn, his wife (and the real brains of the family – Shhh – don’t tell him I said that) and his E-Musings’ website at http://davidroper.blogspot.com

In John’s absence, we remain open for business. While for some of you the Catch is an email; for some of you it is more, an online community with virtual (but real) relationships.

Yet while John is not present in the mornings through his Catch writing, the Catch Ministry continues — with or without him, which is the desire of the Lord. The Catch doors email open and operating for many people who see the Catch as a beacon of hope, the only one they can see in their sometimes dire struggle to live out their convictions and their relationships with Christ. Many other Catch citizens respond in very personal ways to the hope of a gospel of welcome.

I say all of this because most of the hours of ministry do not go into the website. We want you to be aware of this, and to uphold the many Catch workers and volunteers all the more as they seek to serve you through the Prayer Ministry and one-on-one counseling through the prayer requests found on the website and the,“boots on the ground: discipleship program. All programs operate 24/7 and, as I mentioned, whether John is up and about or recuperating from surgery at the Mission Hospital in Mission Veijo, California.


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One Response to A Note from Marti from John’s Bedside

  1. Paul Clark says:

    THE LORD IS WITH YOU JOHN…. Prayers, and love, from your brother, and fellow pioneering soldier in Christ Jesus ….. Agape, Paul Clark

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