First century Christians in 2016


What would it be like to be first century Christians as if there were no early church, no Vatican, no Holy Wars, no Crusades, no Reformation, no revival meetings, no Sunday School, no denominations, no Christian subculture, no culture wars and no worship wars? What if there were just us, today, in the here-and-now, figuring out what it means to walk in the Spirit?

Well, what about that? Surely we fit into a long line of followers of Christ; we have a historic faith. And yet there has to be something about faith that is new now, today, right now … right this minute. Think about being a first century Christian, and you will open a window on thinking about the immediate nature of faith.

It would be as if…

there were no preconceptions as to what a Christian is. We don’t really care what people think a Christian is because that does not apply to us. What a Christian is, is what we are today. We are defining the word “Christian” with our lives because we are the first Christians. It doesn’t matter what others think a Christian is or is not, because a Christian is who we are.

As if…

what we look and act like when we follow Christ is not something we are trying to emulate because no one’s seen a Christian before. Learning what it means to be a Christian and follow Christ is a moment-by-moment adventure because no one’s done this before in this day and age. We are not living up to a long (or short, for that matter) list of what a Christian should be and do; we are experiencing what a Christian should be and do by stepping by faith into the next moment.

As if…

we just got the Bible yesterday and we are trying to figure out what it means for the first time. We are allowing the word to speak fresh into our lives free of encumbering interpretations that can so easily mask the critical, timely interpretation of what the word is saying to us today … right now.

As if…

the Holy Spirit just got here today, and we are speaking things we never learned, hearing things we’ve never heard before. God is putting words in our mouth.

Start thinking like a first century Christian. Believe as if you come from a long line of believers; live as if you were the first Christians. First century Christians hear from the Lord and define the truth for their generation, and live it out as if no one’s heard it before!

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6 Responses to First century Christians in 2016

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Absolutely luv today’s Catch!

    For a few reasons, first back when I first stated attending a “Willow Lake Movement Church,” as I often heard it refereed to as. (Their just more-or less laid back and dont have ‘alter calls’ after the message) Yet what I loved about the 1st message I heard there, was the Pastor speaking and asking a lot of these same question Pastor John asked: What about acting like a 1st century believer of Jesus and becoming one of His followers (he too thought the name “Christians” came w/ too many ‘hang-ups’) and I LIKED that…

    My summary: just show love & learn how to accept people for who they are and gently remind them God loves them and sent His Son 4 them… 🙂

  2. lwwarfel says:

    What a fantastic perspective! We have the luxury of both plus the promise of eternity.

  3. Kris Rudin says:

    I think for many 21st Century Christians, their faith-walk is more about “measuring up” to some external yardstick of “Christian” behavior, and less about following Christ. They (we?) end up worshipping the idol of conformity and lose sight of the real Person we are supposed to emulate.

    • jwfisch says:

      Yes, and what I’m really trying to get us to see is that it’s not just following or even emulating Christ, but experiencing Him alive in us. Then others encounter the real Christ in us, not just a copy of Him.

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