So much more than the Catch


The Catch is so much more than the Catch, and as we prepare for our May MemberPartnership campaign, its only fitting to briefly review what some of those things are that make us more.

Marti showed me a picture last night that has haunted me ever since. It’s a picture of a woman we are praying for who is dying. She’s beautiful and way too young, but you can read the pain on her face. Just to see her face is to see life and death hanging in the balance. And right next to her is the Prayer Pillow Shar’i and J.J. sent her.

And then I hear of others … an alcoholic struggling to stay sober, parents who have lost their kids to drugs, a grandmother watching her three grandchildren go through a messy divorce, a homeless son with health issues, a sweet couple struggling through a pain-filled incurable disease, a divorced father watching his two daughters get married and so much wanting for them a better marriage than their parents had, two families who are both dealing with eating disorders with their children and found each other through us and are encouraging each other and sharing stories, a daughter who is ruthless with her mother and fills her with hurt and pain, someone who has suddenly been served eviction papers after 12 years in the same place, young children who are cutting, a mother of three beautiful boys — two diagnosed with autism, parents dealing with bi-polar kids, and then there is Hazel … dear Hazel, who after years of giving care to her ailing husband came so close to death herself that she shut her computer down and told us all good-bye. By the way, that was not a sad event; it was a joyous one. Hazel was telling us she was ready to move on. “Won’t need this computer where I’m going!”

It’s quite obvious that opening the door to prayer has also opened the door to counseling and numerous other helping services including alerting authorities to potentially dangerous situations. I never thought we would be here, touching people in so many different ways. We have twelve Prayer Warriors and 300 PrayerPartners — those who have been prayed for along the way and have chosen to stay on and pray for others. Our Prayer Warriors receive your prayer requests every day (and follow up with those they haven’t heard back from); PrayerPartners receive summaries of the week’s requests every Friday because they want to return the kindness of the prayers they received earlier.

This is just a small piece of why the Catch is so much more than the Catch. Many people have been supporting us for some time — some MemberPartners going back as far as 2007 when the Catch was only the Catch. They saw it as worthwhile then — now, even more so.

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One Response to So much more than the Catch

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    As u read this Pastor John I was in tears – the good kind, of love, sorrow, happiness and gratefulness of u, Matri and the Catch community! 🙂

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