Living on the edge of Death … Valley


The town of Baker, California, calls itself the Gateway to Death Valley. To highlight this important identity, the town built a huge thermometer in the middle of it that stands exactly 134 feet high. That number is not arbitrary. It is in honor of the 134-degree record temperature that was set in nearby Death Valley on July 10, 1913. Large red LED lights can be read from Interstate 15 that runs nearby and carries all the traffic that constantly flows from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada, and back again. The thermometer’s high mark is — you guessed it — 134 degrees. I guess they are banking on global warming not affecting the record for a long time to come. When Chandler and I passed it yesterday, the thermometer read 95 degrees — an average day in Baker, California, Gateway to Death … Valley.

Chandler and I are on our way to Laramie, Wyoming, where Chandler has two more weeks of school at the treatment center he has been at since last July. The new proud recipient of his learner’s permit, Chandler is driving most of the way. Yesterday he drove six hours to my one.

Yes, we are on our way to Wyoming, and starting today, we all are on our way to an ambitious goal of 100 new MemberPartners to the Catch. We listened to your enthusiastic response to questions about our end-of-the-year campaign, and we are in the midst of incorporating them. Like your request for more transparency, so that our “About Us” page will soon have less about John and more about the Vision, Purpose, Board, Staff, Volunteers, Financials and Annual Reports of the Catch Ministry, Inc., a fully vetted 501(c)3 organization. The Catch has fully evolved from a blog by John Fischer to a ministry by Prayer Warriors, volunteers, MemberPartners, counselors, boots on the ground disciples in over 140 countries, and a staff engaged with the needs of hundreds of people who are alone or disenfranchised or unable to be honest in their local setting, but can bare their soul online to us. We will be hearing from a few of these people over the next few days. You will be amazed and encouraged.

And we listened to your request to set a goal, and show our progress along the way in the form of something like — you guessed it, again — a thermometer! So when we passed Baker, California, I thought of you and a thermometer we will introduce soon so we can follow our progress towards 100 new MemberPartners.

I know I’m being bold here about fundraising, but this is what we need to continue our existence, and what you need by way of involvement. Jesus said we put our heart where our money is, and so your financial support of the Catch is evidence of your commitment to furthering the message of Grace Turned Outward in the marketplace where you live and work. It says you are more than just a supporter of helping people become marketplace Christians; it says you are one.

I must admit, I’ve been a little (hint, hint) about past fundraising efforts, but this time, I’m in. This is all for one and one for all. Find the button in the righthand column about becoming a MemberPartner and sign up today. As little as $10 a month will do it. (That’s one trip to Starbucks or the barista of your choice.) We’re going to build a thermometer and follow our progress. One hundred new MemberPartners translates to ten a day. I’m going for it. Let me know if you’re in.

So here is the message from the Catch today: get involved. With us, or with someone else, but get involved. Too many Christians are like spectators at a sporting event watching other people do what they could be doing.

Come on, everybody. I’m in. Are you? Let me know. Because it’s one for all and all for one!

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One Response to Living on the edge of Death … Valley

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Journey mercies to u & Chandler ❤

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