What you see in the backward glance


Love your fur babies.

One of our MemberPartners recently lost a very dear friend. In the process of grieving, she related some of the beautiful things that were shared in this friend’s passing as it appears she was an inspiration to many. One of the things that stands out was some practical advice shared near the end of her life and highlighted in a eulogy given in her memorial.

There is truly something to that backward glance at the end of one’s life that should provide perspective for the rest of us who are so easily seized by the pressures and stresses of everyday life that can squeeze the heart out of anything. And it seems these backward glances are always so simple and profound. Her’s was no exception:

Be kind to each other.
Don’t take yourself so seriously.
Don’t take life so seriously.
Find things to laugh at every day.  
Love your fur babies.

That first one is going to take a good deal of patience and forgiveness since we all fail each other daily. This is where God’s grace touches us all. We need human kindness desperately. This also takes on added significance in light of the awful headlines that greeted us all this morning about the shooting in Orlando, Florida. Whatever it takes, be kind to each other. Please. Try a little kindness. Anger weighs heavily upon us all. It’s so ugly. Jesus said hate equals murder, so mass shootings are common in His view of reality since there is so much hatred in the world. Be kind to each other.

The next three all go together because they are talking about enjoying life. You have to not take life so seriously if you are going to enjoy it. Find something to laugh about every day, and most likely it will be something about you that will make you laugh. That’s the best kind of laughter — laughter at your expense, not someone else’s.

And then there’s that bit about the fur babies. God was so gracious to give us pets who love so simply. They love us unconditionally and without complication. It is their nature to do so. And in that love they mirror something about God.

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5 Responses to What you see in the backward glance

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Good Catch today Pastor John – thx.. 🙂 ❤
    PS another Happy B-day wish this past Sunday the 12th 4 our friend Bill in KCK

  2. TimC says:

    Sometimes the pressures of life make #3 completely impossible. Sometimes stuff happens and there are things that are completely out of your control. Sometimes there are consequences that are not of your choosing, and there is nothing you can do about it. And sometimes other people can make #3 impossible for us. And if 3 is impossible, that makes #4 extremely rare and #5 is completely precluded.

  3. Grace says:

    Thanks John for sharing this sweet story it blessed my heart

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