Loving the curmudgeon


Last Friday I asked for advice on speaking at a curmudgeon’s funeral. The response was overwhelmingly kind. Today’s Catch contains one sentence from each one who wrote in, and I was rebuked by the overall attitude from all who took part which was one of compassion. Your hopefulness contrasted my hopelessness. It became clear to me, as I studied your responses, that I had already given up hope for this individual.

I’m sure we all have someone like this, if not in our family, then in our circle of friends. Perhaps these comments will help.

Even though he denied it, he was made by God and loved by God!  – Bob

I do believe he was a person in pain. – Laura

I’d dig down and find a few positive things about him. – Greg

God has him here for a reason. – Ted

Call on volunteers in the audience to give their assessment of him. – Dave

As long as there is breath there is hope. – Sandy

There is plenty to say about God’s love and the available hope and comfort He longs to give. – Angela

He was created in the image of God and deserves to be respected if for nothing else. – Ron

You don’t need to stamp the person’s ticket to heaven or hell. – John

We may all be surprised at who we see in Heaven that we thought would never make it there. – Tom

He was a child of God, as we all are. – Colleen

He came into this world as a gift from God, for someone. – Deb

Truth, by itself, is hard. Grace, by itself, is mush. – Michael

Share what we don’t know about this sad man who God loves. – Paul

I can do all the things that people would say are wonderful things for as long as I live, but without Grace, I am hopeless. – Bare

God’s love knows no bounds. – Jeff

I’m not gonna be able to stop [God] from loving me no matter what I do. – Bran

The hope we have is not in the ultimate result of his life choices but in [God’s] eternal desires for us. – Michael

Some kinds of fruit have prickly outsides but deliciously tasting insides. – JW

Here I am after more than 4 decades of pastoring coming up on what will be the toughest funeral I’ve ever officiated (a family member who took his life). – Wayne

We never know what happens at the last breath of someone who passes from this life into eternity.  God is not willing for ‘any’ to perish. – Karl

Lovingly share the Good News that he rejected. – Richard

What kind of legacy and reputation are you leaving for the generations behind you. – Randy

He made his choice as what to believe and how to live, but, in my opinion, its not the only choice. – Bud

God never gave up on him. – Tammy

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2 Responses to Loving the curmudgeon

  1. Sue says:

    I love these wonderful comments so inspiring!

  2. Terri Main says:

    I feel sorry for you. I remember years ago, a friend of the family had a husband commit suicide. He was hateful, made his wife’s life miserable. Even his last note to her written so she would find it and him when she got home from church was filled with hatred. Our pastor struggled and ended up talking about him writing letters to friends. But it was very hard on him he said. It’s not easy.

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