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John Fischer is dedicated to creating bridges between those within the church and those out beyond its walls, that Christians might rise up in the marketplace with a sense of inclusiveness, diversity, and acceptance.

With biblical truth interwoven into the fabric of his personal stories, John’s focus is more on how faith has many faces, how the law can live in the same room with mercy, how the body has many parts, and therefore, how we can learn to disagree without disconnecting.

And while John prefers to avoid conflict, he recognizes it is an inevitable part of life—a function of being connected to one another. John’s message holds the one element that is all too rare among Christian writers—a voice of reconciliation, showing Christians, un-churched, and seekers that diversity is also an opportunity to learn and grow and often to grow closer.

As an ordained minister, John’s stubbornly faith-based career spans over thirty-five years of distinctive ministry, first as a singer/songwriter, recording artist and pioneer of Jesus Music, and now as a best-selling author and popular speaker at conferences, retreats, churches and colleges/universities nationally.

John’s body of work includes 12 albums, 15 books, and numerous articles for a variety of publications including Christianity Today, Relevant magazine, Guideposts, Decision, Moody, and online with Charles Colson’s Breakpoint.org and was an award winning columnist for Contemporary Christian Music magazine (CCM) for over 23 years. As Senior Writer for Rick Warren’s Purpose DrivenLife.Com, John provided daily devotionals to an audience of 80,000 that soon grew to well over 400,000 with overwhelming positive responses.

John will never be the plump pundit insulated from the very fears, weaknesses and trials to which he ministers. He is there with the congregation whether it is as a visiting pastor, university lecturer, conference keynote or with his own online church community, The Catch… and they are there with him.

John can do none other than everything to continue with the Catch and his service to this online community of Christians, the disenfranchised, and seekers, and together with his wife Marti to do what needs to be done to pursue all avenues of ministry and meet all responsibilities.

John loves his wife and is exceptionally proud of his older children, Christopher, an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and Anne who is attending her last year in medical school at the University of Southern California. (John loves to say about these two that Christopher brings them in, and Anne sews them up!) As for his 10-year-old son, well, John will simply summarize his delight in Chandler by telling you he has a smile that can light a thousand candles.

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