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Practicing what you (don’t) preach

Practice what you (don’t) preach. I saw this saying the other day and immediately liked it. It makes sense — much more sense than “Practice what you preach,” mainly because most of us are not preachers, and even if we … Continue reading

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Born and born again

I am finding out that Christmas is a lot more fun after December 25 than before. Before, there is so much angst. It’s a time well known for the stress of shopping, trying to anticipate expectations, planning, missing deadlines, packages … Continue reading

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Forced slowdown

It’s great to hear from a number of you who still have your tree up. We’re not the only ones. I’m gathering strength over that. And most of you have the same reason — it went by too fast and … Continue reading

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‘Not gonna do it!’

Yesterday was trash pickup day and the last day to get your Christmas tree disposed of for free. It’s a conspiracy. Apparently the city thinks you should be done with Christmas by now, but I’m not giving in. I’ll just … Continue reading

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Some of Christmas is still up

We’re still not taking Christmas down. At least not all of it. We need to hang onto a few things. Here are some things that should bleed over into our lives from Christmas, and keeping a few decorations out might … Continue reading

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A smile that could light a candle

Marti heard about my day today and that I was just starting the Catch at 2pm and suggested I write about a “normal” day in the life of John. My plan was to be writing the Catch this morning at … Continue reading

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Waiting for Candlemas

Though we’ve taken some of our Christmas decorations down, the tree is still up. Part of the reason for that is that Christmas seemed to go by too fast this year, or at least we were too busy to enjoy … Continue reading

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Why fairy tales are like the Gospel

In case you missed it, over the weekend and the New Year’s holiday, we ran our annual end-of-the-year campaign. It covered the brief span of 4 emails in two days, and since it went by so fast, we decided to … Continue reading

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